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My name is Roy, my ever-loving wife's name is June and our lovely dog is Sally (Sadly not now with us, but well remembered with love) -

 We all live in Southampton, England but my home is Burnham in Somerset and June is from Merstham in Surrey. We have four grown-up Children, seven grown-up Grand-Children, and eleven Great-Grand-Children (Things moved on a bit since 2004!)

 I became interested in genealogy in 1959 whilst on Army service with the Grenadier Guards as a Drummer, and have since researched my family's history with that of the Brent Levels in Somerset. This broadened to a more general interest in the name throughout the UK with some links to American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand families.

I have secured all the data that I have gathered in a database, but which is not available for public research. I will search the database for any information that may be connected to other people's research of the same name as myself and/or its variants. Further on in this site there is a page for submitting requests.

This facility is for the genealogical research only into the name and/or its variants and the exchange of such information to our mutual advantage.

Much of my research has been achieved with the help of many enquirers who have very kindly donated their research results to this project. Most of my research is now done using Internet resources, and my data store continues to grow, albeit slowly. The era covered is mainly between from the end of the 19th century going back to the mid 18th century - at a time when the Land Tax was being implemented under the Enclosure Awards Act.

Most research comes to a stop at about this time due to many reasons, probably because of the wars during that century when England had to find many soldiers for the American, French and Spanish Wars to say nothing of the other problems nearer home.

 Add to this the 17th century Commonwealth period and Monmouth's rebellion with the ensuing aftermath, and it is little wonder that any recording was achieved at all. An additional problem came during the first half of the 18th century when all legal documents had to be written in English and not Latin, which many think may has been a good thing, at first there were difficulties, but it became so.

A great many of Parish Records have now been either filmed and/or transcribed, thus making life a little easier for the Researcher.

My own family can only be traced with certainty, back to c.1730 in Somerset, England. We are in the main mariners, but some families farm. One branch has a link with the Winston Churchill administration.

Please explore my site and use the email links is you would like to contact me.



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