My home town is Burnham-on-Sea Somerset but I lived mostly at nearby Highbridge – started my school days at St Margaret's in Burnham before WW2 and then to Lewisham School and Weston College during the war. I helped out on a local farm whilst still at school although this was more of a hobby but I received my meals and I could take home a pint of milk each day and some eggs if I wanted. I then worked part-time at Burton Row Farm for Mr Hancock at Brent Knoll and would have liked to learn farm management at Cannington Agricultural College but conditions were against it so I joined the Grenadier Guards after being failed by the Royal Navy for flat feet! and retired after 25 years service. I married in 1950 and became interested in our family's history in 1959, discovering during my research a report by a 19th century Burnham Health Board, that recorded comments on the many prevailing health problems and possible remedies. One of those who gave evidence was my ancestor Richard Cox, Sexton of St Andrew's Church on burial conditions at St Andrew's churchyard. Reading his report was like hearing him actually speak, the words being written as they were spoken, with some spelt as they were heard in the Somerset dialect.

My relationship with St Andrew's without doubt, flourished from that moment and I am very grateful that Mr Samuel G Nash, one time parish clerk and treasurer was so conscientious in his own researches of the church's activities. Acknowledgements also to Prebendary Raymond Dean MA, Revd. Revd Robert Pitt, Mr & Mrs John Coombs Churchwardens, Mr Hauser and Mr Victor Cox previous Vergers, the staff of Burnham Library and Somerset Record Office at Taunton and David Bromwich of the Local Studies Library at Taunton. (Now Somerset Heritage Centre)

It is in appreciation of being able to gather so much information from the above that this St Andrew's photo gallery is displayed, hoping that all who view will have as much enjoyment as I have had from its existence.

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