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This is a collection of photos and illustrations taken from various cards and some publications that depict some of the places in Devon (mainly in the north of the county) where Braund families have lived for several centuries. It is has been said that local women of North Devon married survivors of the wrecked Armada ships, and it was from these partnerships that the Braunds derived their distinctive dark hair, broad heads and brown eyes. Their main association is with Bucks Mills on the North Devon coast where almost every resident was either a Braund or related to one. The origin of the name is however, considered to be a variation of BRAND (Fire-Brand or Sword) Old Danish - but also found in Normandy. This being so, it supports other documentary evidence that they existed along the North Devon coastline long before the C16th, possibly the invaders of earlier centuries and/or the conquest in AD 1066. A recent discovery references the name in Lincolnshire during the C13th. The last two centuries have seen families spread to every corner of the Earth - North & South America; Canada; New Zealand; Australia; Germany; Netherlands and Scotland.

I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the images which is due past scanning problems.

The society celebrated it founding in 1982 at Bucks Mills, a small fishing village on the North Coast of Devon over the period 19th to 25th May 2003.  They are all thumbnail images so that more are able to be displayed on one page, to enlarge them click the image and they will open in a separate window. You can also download a copy to your PC by right clicking the image and selecting copy.

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