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This page displays photographs that are Cox related and of some historical aspect.

The first one though has been given to me in the hope that the family may be identified so that it may be returned to them.

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This photo comes from Canada and has the name "Evie Cox" written in pencil on the back. The name "Mrs Peachey - Plymouth" is also written in ink. It is possible that her mother's name was Margaret, the wife of a seaman, if this is correct then she would have probably been born c.1879.

This excellent photo is on the front of a post card sent from Mark near Highbridge, Somerset on 8th April 1918. It shows five Farm Workers who are clearing out one of Somerset's many Rhines (Pronounced "Reens"). The young lad on the left has a long handled pitch-fork type of tool has four specially shaped prongs for raking the cut reed and weed. The gent to the left looks to be the Gaffer with his gold waistcoat watch, the tool he holds could be either a three pronged fork or a staff hook. The gent 2nd from right has a specially made 'mud' shovel that drains off the water when it is filled to the brim.

James Cox of Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset - Town Crier for many years

A group of 19th century Burnham mariners and fishermen, taken outside what they called "The Cathedral". This was a discarded Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Coach that had served its passenger days, becoming unusable as a railway coach. It sat near to the top of the jetty at Burnham, serving as a shelter and at times, a mission hall.


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