BEDMINSTER 1851 Census Bristol City Copyright H.O. 107/1945

Places: - Ecclesiastical District of St Paul, Parish of Bedminster Avon Crescent, Cumberland Road Villas, Sydney Row, Hanover Place, Wapping and Toll Houses, Wellington Terrace, Part of Coronation Road, Regent Road, Alburton Place, Queen Street and Charlotte Street, Regent Road right side, Farley Square, Minch's Place, Charlotte Street, Queen Street, Bright Bow, Southey's Paddock, Coronation Road, South Street, Hayers & Turnpike House, East Street, Cannon Street, North Street, Henbury Gloucestershire & Chicken, Stokes Barton, Brownings Alley, Dean Street & Lane, Paradise Gardens, Bull Lane & Star Gardens, Marsh Lane, Hengaston?, Luckwell Lane, Parson Street, Bayntons Buildings, Brewery, North Street, Luckwell Lane, Wakefields Cottages, North Street, Back Lanes, Victoria Place, Albert Place, West Street, Back Lane, Jones Lane, Greens Buildings, Shim Lane, Allen's Court, Little Paradise Lane, Burdetts Court, Mill Lane, Sidney's and Wakefields Cottages, Richmond Terrace, Windmill Hill, Mill Lane, Leakers Court, Brightbow, Whitehorse Lane, Paul Street, Blackfields and Margarets Place, Phillip Street, Bright Bow, Bedminster Parade, Pool or Bool Lane, Bedminster Terrace, Baggs Court, Bedminster Place. Union Buildings, Hamleys Buildings, Stokes Court,  Russleys Court, Salthouse Lane, Boot Lane, Bedminster Causeway, Sillhouse Lane, Hope Square, Manley Buildings, Sidion Row, Orchard Place , Stones Buildings, Tanyard Courts, Squires Court, Laura Place, Grosvenor Place, Harford Place, Harford Street, Harford Square, Dyers Buildings & Wardrobe Place, Cathay Town, Ship Lane, Somerset Square & Union Place, Harford Place, Langton Street, Somerset Place, Wellington Street, Paradise Place & Cottages, Somerset Street, Somerset Court, Harris' Cottages, Colston Street & Cottages, Barnards Place, Hill Bridge Parade & Hillbridge Court, Stillhouse Lane, Weares Building, Redcliffe Bristol Crescent, Devonshire Buildings, Somerset Terrace , Hillgrove Street, Waters Place, Sargeant Street, Bishop Street and Clarence Place, Hillgrove Street and Cottages, Devonport Street, Zion Terrace, Bateman  Sarah Buildings, Browns Row, Whitehouse Place, Redcliffe Crescent, Spring Street, King Street, Princes Street and Buildings, Waterloo Square and Clarence Square, Nicholas Street, York Street & Place, Hollybrook Place, Regent Street & Place, Malvern Place & Richards Buildings, Somerset Villas & Terrace, Bath Road Wells Road, Pyle Hill, Totterdown Cottages and Toll House, Bristol & Wells Road, Upper Knowle, Jewells Farm and Lower Knowle, Knowle Lane, Village of BISHPORT, St. Peters, Parson Street, Locks Mills Crocks Top and Bottom Farms, Arthurís Court, Britton and Winters Farms, Marsh Lane, Bleaching Yard Engine and Staneal Pits.

Population: - Males 9285 - Females 10142 - Total 19427


Stoke Buildings


BENDALL      Alexander 34 Labourer Hinton Blewett

                        Mary Ann 34 Charwoman Bedminster Bristol

                        Francis 8 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                        Hester 5 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                        William 3 Bedminster Bristol

                        John 2m Bedminster Bristol

COCK            Charles Lodger Widower 32 Coal Miner Not Known

                       George Lodger 13 Coal Miner Bedminster Bristol

SIMS              George Lodger Married 55 Labourer Devon Newton Bushel?


Boot Lane


COCKS/COX Henry 36 Mason Bideford

                        Jane 41 Stonehouse Devon

                        Elizabeth 9 Scholar Bideford


Alburton Place


EVANS          William 36 Rope Maker Bath

                       Elizabeth 35 Wiveliscombe

                       Mary Ann 13 Scholar Bristol

                       Julia 11 Bristol

                       William 9 Scholar Bristol

                       Fanny 6 Scholar Bristol

                       Thomas 2 Bristol

                       Charles 1m Bristol

COX              Charles Lodger 54 Cabinet Maker Bridgwater


Coronation Road


COX               Elizabeth Widow 68 Gentlewoman Bristol

EDWARDS    Elizabeth Visitor 50 unmarried Shop Woman Middlesex London


Albion Place


THOMAS      Mercy Ann Married 66 Bristol

COX              Sarah Servant 61 Bristol

CURTIS         Jane Servant 21 Bristol


Cumberland Road


BYNE            Henry 35 No Profession Salterleigh Devon

                       Isabella 38 Henbury Gloucestershire

COX              Ellen Servant 33 Yeovil

COOK           Joseph 14 Taunton


Charlotte Street


COX               Robert 40 Labourer Woolavington Somerset

                       Maria 47 Banwell

                       George 13 Scholar Bristol

Queen Street


COX             William 26 Stone Mason Mangotsfield

                      Harriet 26 Cloth Cap Maker Mangotsfield


Richmond Place


SLEE ?         Richard Widower 91 Gentleman Devon near Torrington

POTTER      Thomas Son in Law 54 Gentleman Watchet

                     Elizabeth 50 Bristol

                     Sarah Grand Daughter 9 Scholar Bristol

COX             Eliza Servant 23 Bishport


Clarence Place


WILLIAMS Manoah 61 Master of Commercial Room Glam: Wencor ?

                    Hester 60 Bristol St. Nicholas

MARSH      Mary Niece 8 Scholar Bristol St. Nicholas

HOPKINS  Jane Servant 56 Sulley Glamorganshire

COX           Elizabeth Servant 21 Redcliffe Bristol


Dean Street


COX            William 43 Turner Bedminster Bristol

                     Ann 46 Bristol

                    William 19 Turner Bedminster Bristol

                     Ann 18 Dressmaker Bedminster Bristol

                     Richard 16 Turner Bristol

                     Joseph 11 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                     John 9 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                     Rebecca 6 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                     Eliza 4 Scholar Bedminster Bristol


Bennett's Buildings


ROSE           John 28 Coal Miner Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary Ann 25 Bedminster Bristol

                    Elizabeth 7 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Clara 5 Bedminster Bristol

                    John Isaac 3 Bedminster Bristol

                    Emily 4m Bedminster Bristol

COX           Ann Visitor 19 Bedminster Bristol

HACKER    Job Lodger 29 Married Excavator Milsom

                    Emily 28 Dorset Sturminster Marshall


North Street


COX            John 55 Blacksmith Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary 53 Green Grocer Bedminster Bristol

                    John 16 Coal Miner Bedminster Bristol

                    Thomas 15 Blacksmith Bedminster Bristol

                    George 12 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Isaac 9 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Abraham 6 Scholar?


West Street - Shim Lane


COX            Martha Widow 73 Landed Proprietor Long Ashton

SMITH         Sarah Servant 19 Pensford




MORGAN    John son 19 Bacon Factor Bedminster Bristol

                      Elizabeth 20 Baltonborough Somerset

COX             John Servant 18 Hog Butcher Hanham


East Street


COX            Mary Widow 65 House Keeper Chewstoke

                    George Son in Law Widower 41 Shipwright Chew Magna

                    Sarah Ann 17 Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary 12 Scholar Bedminster Bristol



SUMMERS  Ann Widow 66 Pauper Charwoman Wells

COX             Ellen Lodger Widow 89 Pauper Charwoman Kingston


Mill Lane


GOUGH       James 54 Clerk in Timber Yard Bristol (Sworn Timber Measurer)

                     Lydia 47 Cheddar

                     James 25 Engineer Bedminster Bristol

                     Richard 24 Miller Bedminster Bristol

                     Edward 8 Scholar Cheddar

COX            Wesley Nephew 9 Scholar Cheddar


Richmond Terrace


TILLY          Elizabeth Widow 74 Tea Dealer Weare

                     Edward 35 Butter Factor Weare

                     Jemima 32 Butter Factor Weare

COX             Richard Lodger 23 Fund Holder Coxley Somerset

LOCKEER/LOCKYER? Eliza Servant 19 Weare


Windmill Hill


COX             John 44 Enameller on Glass Somerset Limington

                     Mary 40 Shaftsbury Dorset

                     Henry 14 Bedminster Bristol

                     Louisa 9 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    William 6 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                     Emily 1 Bedminster Bristol


Leakers Place?


GUNNING  George 26 Sailor Bedminster Bristol

                    Emma 25 Bedminster Bristol

                    George 4 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Alfred 2 Bedminster Bristol

COX           Eliza Sister 23 Washerwoman Bedminster Bristol


Stillhouse Lane


COX           Matthias 35 Haulier Yatton Somerset

                   Sophia 36 Yatton Somerset

                   George 9 Scholar Bristol

                   Sophia 6 Bristol

                   Caroline 2 Bristol

                   Emma 4 Bristol


Bedminster Causeway


COX           Richard Widower 56 Watchmaker Taunton

                   William 19 Nephew Watchmaker Basingstoke Hants

                   John 14 Nephew Watchmaker Biddlestone?


COX           Elizabeth Widow 50 Bristol

                    Louisa Daughter 23 Frampton

                    Edward 9 Middlesex

ATWOOD  Jane Daughter ? 19 Visitor Middlesex




KINNERLY William 38 Grocer Handsworth

                      Eliza 32 Croy Devon Georgeclamdown?

                      John 8 Bristol

                      Mary 3 Bristol

                      Joseph 2 Bristol

                      Jessie 6m Bristol

COX             Sarah Servant 16 Bristol


Wellington Street


EDBROOKE Mary Widow 50 School Mistress Cutcombe

COX             Jane Visitor Widow 50 Washerwoman Bristol


St Vincent's Place


COX            James Alfred 25 Clerk G.W.R. Farrington Berks

                     Mary Ann 31 North Stoke Oxfordshire

ELEN           Emma Sister in Law 25 Unmarried North Stoke Godalming Surrey


Paradise Place


HOSKINS  James George 32 Barristers Clerk Bath

                   Rosine 40 Withycombe

                   Mary Elizabeth 5 Bedminster Bristol

                   Walter 2 Bristol

CASE/COX Winifred Aunt 59 Annuitant Minehead

CASE           Jane Aunt 55 Annuitant Stogursey


Somerset Parade


COX          Charles Married 41 Railway Guard Woolavington Somerset

                  Charlotte 46 Bridgwater

                  Charlotte 11 Scholar Bristol

                  Emma 2 Scholar Bristol


COX         Edwin 44 Railway Guard East Brent

                 Clarissa 43 Axbridge

                 Lionel 21 Attorney Clerk Axbridge

                 Walter 18 Tailor Bedminster Bristol

                 Caple son 17 Attorney Clerk Axbridge


COX        William 50 Potter Brown Ware Whitchurch Somerset

                Ann 52 Congresbury Somerset

                Edwin 22 Agricultural Labourer Bristol

                William 16 Shoemaker Apprentice Bristol

                Amelia 14 Scholar Bristol

                Rose 8 Scholar Bristol

                Alfred 5 Scholar Bristol

                Harriet 3 Scholar Bristol


Sergeant Street


COX       Henry 35 Umbrella Maker Bedminster Bristol

               Eliza 36 Bedminster Bristol

               Eliza Jane 8 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

               Mary 4 Scholar Bedminster Bristol


COX      William 77 Millwright Chew Magna

               Elizabeth 65 Dundry Somerset

               Ann 25 Ironer Bedminster Bristol

              Alice Elizabeth Grand Daughter 7m


White House Place


COX      Josias 50 Carpenter South Brent

              Elizabeth 51 Dressmaker Mark

              Matilda 18 Waistcoat Maker Bristol

              Henry 21 Apprentice Shipwright Bristol

SHARMAN Sarah Niece 16 Apprentice Waistcoat Maker Bristol


Hillgrove Street


COX     Charles 35 Haulier Backwell

             Mary 33 Whitchurch

             George 10 Whitchurch

             Elizabeth 9 Whitchurch

             Joseph 5 Whitchurch

WILLIAMS Elizabeth Aunt Widow 66 Parish Relief Fickenham Somerset

COX     Mercy Charles 20 Servant Backwell


COX     Richard 41 Labourer Bristol

             Mary 46 Tobacco Worker Wiveliscombe

             Richard 14 Blacksmith Bristol

             George 11 Scholar Bristol


Redcliffe Crescent


BOONE  Samuel Richard 34 Cooper Bristol Temple

                Elizabeth 25 Clifton Bristol

                Samuel John 5m St Andrews Montpellier

COX        Rebecca Servant 19 Bristol Temple


Regent Street


COX        Mary Widow 53 Laundress Bristol Temple

                John 22 Bedminster Bristol

                Louisa 14 Bedminster Bristol

                Thomas 12 Errand Boy Bedminster Bristol


WOOD    Silas 67 Carpenter Pauper Somerset

                Mary 68 Laundress Somerset Roth ...... ?

PEARCE Jane Servant 30 Laundress Somerset Roth ...... ?

BLEEKS Charlotte Servant 36 Laundress Rownham

COX       Ann Servant 25 Laundress Bedminster Bristol

DEACON Priscilla Servant 26 Laundress Wotton under Edge


Shepherds Cottages


COOPER     William 35 Wholesale Grocer Shepton Mallett

                     Sarah 22 Bristol St. Phillips

                     Henry 4 Bedminster Bristol

                     Philip 2 Bedminster Bristol

COX            Jane Servant 27 Nursemaid Uzleworth Gloucestershire

THOMAS    Mary Ann Servant 22 Cook Dorset Netherton?




JELLEY       James 37 Agricultural Labourer Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary 52 Newport Monmouthshire

COX            Richard Son in Law Unemployed 25 Agricultural Labourer Bedminster Bristol

WILLIAMS Henry Lodger 20 Agricultural Labourer Bedminster Bristol


COX            Mary Widow 60 Pauper Dundry

                    Mary 26 Dressmaker Daughter Bedminster Bristol

                    Clara Grand Daughter 3 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

WILLIAMS Ann Visitor 37 Bedminster Bristol

                    Elizabeth 9 Visitor Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Charles 7 Visitor Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Catherine Visitor 5 Scholar Bedminster Bristol

                    Emma 2 Visitor Ashton


COX           William 33 Agricultural Labourer Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary 35 Washer & Ironer Ashton

                    Elizabeth 11 Scholar Ashton

                    Sarah 9 Scholar Ashton

                    Eliza 7 Scholar Ashton

                    Mary 5 Scholar Ashton

                    William 7m Bedminster Bristol


COX            Joseph 63 Agricultural Labourer Pauper Bedminster Bristol

                    Mary 62 Washerwoman Tickenham

                    Charles 29 Agricultural Labourer Butcombe

                    James 21 Agricultural Labourer Bedminster Bristol


Bedminster Down


DAVIS        William 67 Mason Bedminster Bristol

                    Rachel 71 Bedminster Bristol

                    Elizabeth 34 Bedminster Bristol

COX           Francis Ann Daughter 35 Widow Charwoman Bedminster Bristol

                   Sarah Jane Grand Daughter 6 Bedminster Bristol

                   William Grandson 4 Bedminster Bristol

                   Joseph Grandson 3 Worcestershire Dudley

                   Elizabeth Grand Daughter 1 Bedminster Bristol


Bleaching Yard


HERNIMAN James 30 Sawyer Ashton

                      Sarah 26 Laundress Ashton

                      William 1 Ashton

COX             Rachel Servant 22 Laundress Bitton Gloucestershire


Engine Pitt

COX             Thomas 61 Agricultural Labourer Whitchurch

                      Elizabeth 59 Dundry Somerset

                      Ann 19 Bedminster Bristol

                      Delilah 15 Bedminster Bristol



COX             Richard 34 Coal Miner Bedminster Bristol

                     Elizabeth 33 Bedminster Bristol

                     Thomas 9 Bedminster Bristol

                     Maria 7 Bedminster Bristol

                     Jane 5 Bedminster Bristol

                     Edwin 3 Bedminster Bristol

                     Elizabeth 8m Bedminster Bristol

                    Charles Brother 21 Coal Miner Bedminster Bristol