CLIFTON Bristol County 1851 Census Copyright H.O. 107/1952


Places: - Clifton Place, Clifton Hill, Saville Place, Regent Place, York Crescent, Paragon Buildings, Princes Building, Wellington Place, Oxford Place Boyce's Buildings, Victoria Square, York Place. Tottenham Place, Hanover Place , Mariden Place, Frederick Place, Park Place, Tyndals Lodge, Clifton Road Shops, Richmond Hill & Villas, Wetherall Place & Villas, Park House and Villas, Grosvenor Place, Richmond Terrace, York Buildings, Elin Cottage, Clifton Vale, Trinity Place, Ambrose Lane, Crosby Row, and Lodge. Hotwell Road, Allens Court, Rees Court, Jones Court, Avon Square\, Waters Court. Pillimers Court, Church Path, Gibbons Court, Late Poor House, Halberton Place, Clifton Wood & Terrace, Gibraltar, William Goldneys  Cottage, Clifton Wood, Southerbury?, Haggetts Cottages, Wittakers Buildings, Yearsleys Buildings, Lower Court, Jacobs Wells, Lambwell Court, Punters Court, Gents Court, Shewrings Court, Cottage Court, Cold Bath, Gibbons Court & Lower Clifton Hill, Dock House, merchants Parade , Hotwell Road, Black Horse Lane, Pembroke Court, Parsleys Court, Dock Gate Lane, Mardy Kezia. Normans Terrace & Court, The Old Poor House, Power Street, Providence Court, Green Street, Watkins Court, James Place, Ivy Street, Chapel Row, Dowry Square, Dowry Parade, Dowry Place, Little Caroline's Row, Grenville House. Woburn Place, Cottages, Charles Place, Dock Cottage, Merchants Place, East Side, Love Street, Bear Court, Lower Cumberland Cottages, Cottage in Clifton Vale, Buckingham Place, Richmond Park, Arlington Place, Leicester Place, Chesterfield Place & Villas, Westbourne Place, Victoria Rooms, White Ladies Road, Claremont Place, Tavistock Place, Oakfield Place, Upper Park Street, Brighton Park, Oakfield House, Kensington Place, Lansdown Place & Charlton Place, Clifton Hill, Belle Vue, Wood Well Lane, Goose Lane, Honey Weston under Penyard Hill, Berkeley Place, Eldon Place, Burtons Court, Rock Court, Berkeley Court, Clifton Court, The Convent, Meriden Vale, Clifton Place, Rivers Cottages, Clifton House, Clifton Grove, Lower Crescent, Windsor Villa and Terrace, Grandby Place, Hope Square, Granby Hill, Hillfield House, Cumberland Cottages and Buildings, Bennetts Court. Abermail Row, The Polygon Cottage in Garden and Gloster Cottage, Hotwell House, Colonnade, St Vincent's Parade, Draper Row, Hinton Lane and Charlton Place, Freeland Place and Cottages, Ashton Place, Rownham Place, Gloucester Terrace, Long Rooms Brunswick Cottages and Place, Barnett Place, Victoria Place, Cumberland Buildings and Cottages, Avon Crescent, Nova Scotia, Dock Cottages, Cumberland Basin, Caroline Place, Western Square, Grenville Place and Cottages, Rodney Place & Cottages, Down House & Court, Beaufort Buildings, Portland Place, Bainley Place, Waterloo Place, Nelson Place, Mall Buildings & Place, Gloucester Mews Row and Place, Sion or Lion Mews Row, Place & Hill, Westfield Place, West Mull, Old Mull, Caledonian Place, Princes Place, Lower Nelson Place, Carlton Place, Clifton Down, Clifton Park, Vyvyan Terrace, Codrington Place, Richmond Park, Pembroke Place, Gallows Acrelane, Zoological Gardens, Clifton Farm . Toll House, Harley Place and House, Cambridge Place, Seymour Place, Somerset Place, Litfield Place, Black Rock, Clifton Observatory, The Nursery, Kings Parade, Apsley Place, Parsonage, Durdham Down, Bennetts Row, Prospect Place, Unity Places, Tedders Buildings, Quarry Wilson's Cottages, Sims Row, Sunderland Terrace, Ayres & Kincross Buildings, Short Grove, Anglesea Place, Wellington Park, Highland Places, Gallows Acre Lane, Buckingham Vale & Villas, Farm Lime Kiln, South Parade, Melrose Place, West Clifton Terrace.


Population: - Males 6791 - Females 11183 - Total 17974


York Crescent


RAND      Elizabeth Widow 85 Landed Proprietor & Fund Holder Romford

COCK     Eliza Daughter 55 Essex Messing

                 Emma Daughter 48 Messing

                Georgiana Daughter 47 Messing

LEWIS    David  Servant 40 Neath

SAUNDERS  Eliza  Servant 36 Withycombe Somerset 

DANIEL        Elizabeth  Servant 31 Cornwall Devon

MOUNTJOY Elizabeth  Servant 25 Bideford



STRACHEY Edward 38 Land Fund Holder Chew Magna

                     Elizabeth 41 Land & Fund Holder Bedfordshire Gamlingay

HARRIS       Martha  Servant 34 Pembrokeshire Salva St David's

COX            Henry  Servant 14 Somerset Ash


Regent Place


GRANGEBROOK    Henry 46 Linen Draper etc Didbridge

                                  Elizabeth 38 ? Combe Rawleigh

                                  Emma age ?? Clifton, Bristol

HEURON?               Anne Mother in Law Widow 79 Berks Compton

KINGCOME?          Eliza Niece 32 Shop Woman Plymouth

                                 Fred Nephew 31 Shop Man Devon Noss or Voss

                                 Emily Niece 24 Shop Woman Cornwall Fowey?

                                 John Nephew 21 Shop Man Fowey?

                                 Sarah Niece Shop Woman 18 Fowey? Cornwall

SERLE                     John Nephew 13  Scholar Bristol

ENGLAND             Theresa  Servant 31 Shop Woman Westbury Gloucestershire

VILLIERS               Rosa Servant 34 Shop Woman London

NIELLS                  Charlotte  Servant 25 Shop Woman Warwickshire Alcester

COCK                   Anne Servant 26 Somerset Wootton

CANNON             Thomas Servant 28 Porter Bristol


Hope Square


COCK/COOK      Jane 25 Dressmaker Somerset North Wooton


Brunswick Cottages


COCK                   Rebecca Widow 46 Annuitant Bristol

                              Fanny 23 Bristol

                              Henry 19 mariner Clifton

                              Mary 14  Scholar Clifton

                              Eliza 12  Scholar Clifton

BROADRIFF        Elizabeth Servant 18 Ubley Gloucestershire


West Mall


TEIGNMOUTH    Lord 55 Baron of Ireland Calcutta

                             Caroline Lady 34 Baroness Cumberland Bridkirk?

                             Frederick 6 Tunbridge Wells

                             Caroline 5 Clifton

                            Henry 3 Clifton

DRAPER             Elizabeth Governess 29 Langport Somerset 

CLOVER            John Servant 39 Essex Honningfield

DOWNES          James Servant 24 Bushey Hants

PAGE                 Ruth  Servant 47 Didcot

COCKS             ...... ? Servant Widow/er 29 Somerset Banwell

SNELL               Mary Ann  Servant 16 Bedminster 

EARL                Ann  Servant 26 Woodchester

LOVE                Sarah  Servant 20 Bunbridge Hants

BAYLEY           Sarah  Servant 47 Ash— Northants


Nelson Buildings


COCK              Richard 42 Mason Tavistock

                         Ann 41 Whitchurch Devon

                         Eliza 15 Linen Drapers Assistant Clifton

                         James 13  Scholar Clifton

                         Richard 10  Scholar Clifton

                        Ann 8  Scholar Clifton

                        Julia 6  Scholar Clifton

                        William 4 Clifton

                        Mary 2 Clifton



ROBERTS       Thomas 56 Corn Factor Gloucestershire

                        Jane 62 Bristol

ADAMS          John Nephew 27 Shop Man Bristol

                        James Niece 25 Shop Man Bridgwater

COX               John Servant 37 Porter Reardcomb Somerset 

ADAMS         Elizabeth Niece 22 Shop Woman Bristol

SHIVERS       Mary Servant 32 Road Somerset 

UPTON         Eliza  Servant   15 ?? Hambrook

EVANS         John Lodger 33 B.L., A.B., J.P., Ireland


Richmond Terrace


COX             Piers 71 Annuitant Barbados

DAYSELL    Piers Visitor 31 Annuitant Barbados


Clifton Vale


BAYNTON William 61 Attorney at Law Bristol St. Philip Jacob 

                     Mary 50 Kingsland West London

                     Harriet 25 Bristol St James

IVORY         Ann Servant 79 Cook Gloucestershire St Georges

COX             Emma Servant 22 House Maid Glastonbury


Hotwell Road


COX             Benjamin 55 Publican Chewstoke Somerset 

                     Charlotte 49 Bristol St James


Clfton Wood Terrace


HARRIS        William Widower 60 Annuitant Halifax York

HORFALL     Hannah Sister in Law 47 ? Annuitant Huddersfield

NORRIS        Harriet Daughter   32 Annuitant Halifax

                       Eliza 31 Annuitant Halifax

                       Sarah 29 Annuitant Halifax

                       Ellen 23 Annuitant Halifax

PAYNE          Joseph  Servant 34 Butler Littleworth Lancashire

                      Anne  Servant 40 House Keeper Cornwood Devon

GIBBSON     Maria  Servant 24 Cook Hulmsbridge

MAINSTONE Jane 32 House Maid Iron Acton 

BAISBER?     Susan 22 House Maid Frome

CHAPPLE     Louisa  Servant 19 Kitchen Maid Cornwood

COX             John  Servant 17 Footman Henbury 


Bear Inn Court


BARNES      William 63 Marine Greenwich Hanham

                      Elizabeth 56 Laundress Hanham

                      Elizabeth 26 Laundress Plymouth

                      Sarah Daughter 20  Servant Plymouth

                      Amelia 17 Laundress Bristol

                      John 11  Scholar Clifton

COX             Emma Niece 5 Clifton

                      Mary Visitor 23 House Servant Bath


Richmond Park


SOYRES       Leopold 55 Accountant Bristol

                      Isabella 48 Scotland

                      Francis 11 Clifton

                      Leopold 10 Clifton

                     Catherine 8 Clifton

                     Julia 7 Clifton

                     Louis 4 Clifton

KINGTON  Mary Ann Servant 24 Bristol

COX            Esther Servant 28 London

BROWN      Patience Servant 19 Bristol


WestBourne Place


HOUGHTON George   25 Cabinet Maker Devon

                       Mary 31 Somerset 

COX              Martha Sister 27 unmarried Somerset 

PERRY          Mary Ann Visitor unmarried 41 Bristol

JONES          Mary Ann Lodger Widow 51 Somerset 


White Ladies Road


COX              Cordelia unmarried 39 Gentlewoman Oxfordshire

                       Blanche Sister 35 Gentlewoman Oxfordshire

                       Emma Sister 33 Gentlewoman Oxfordshire

                       Frances Niece 7 India

DAVIS           Mary Ann Niece 7 India

JELLY            Ann Servant 30 Somerset 

THAYER       Mary Servant 32 Somerset 

GASTER        Elizabeth Servant 21 Somerset 


Lansdowne Place


THOROLD     Charles 43 Fund Holder Lincolnshire

                        Sophia 38 Lincolnshire

                        Isabella 18 Surrey

                        Ernest 13 Sussex

                        Constance 5 Clifton

                        Algernon 1 Clifton

PHILLIPS        Margaret  Servant 28 Wales

SPEARD?        Mary Ann 35 Gloucestershire

MILLARD       Anne 20 Somerset 

COX                Emma 19 Somerset 


Bell Vue


COX                Martha Augusta unmarried 70 Fund Holder Middlesex London 

BAKER           Mary Russell Cousin 17  Scholar Andover Hampshire

GRIFFITHS    William  Servant 52 Barford Shropshire

                        Anna  Servant 46 Cook Noygrove

                        Anne 15 House Maid Cheltenham


Berkeley Place


SIMMONS     Robert 37 Grocer Northumberland Kilo?

MAINWARING Henry Assistant 28 Southwark

COX                Susan Servant 23 Lydney


Clifton Court


COX                William 39 Mason Bideford

                        Charlotte 31 Laundress Clifton Bristol 

                        William 9  Scholar Westbury Bristol

                        Rebecca 7  Scholar Westbury 

MURPHY       John Lodger 23 Labourer Ireland

THOMAS       David Lodger 24 Labourer Ireland


Charlton Place


WATKINS      Christopher 54 Billiard Table Maker Clifton

                        Harriet  50 Hull Yorks

                        Henry [Ink Blot]? 23 Billiard Table Maker London St Giles Fields

                        Rebecca 21 Dressmaker Clifton

                        Frederick 17 Clifton

                        Edwin 13  Scholar Clifton

                        Harriet 11  Scholar Clifton

                        Matilda 8  Scholar Clifton

                        Albert 6  Scholar Clifton

                        Emily 4  Scholar Clifton

COX                Harriet  Servant 30 Bristol St Michaels 


Victoria Square


MARKELL      William Widow 36 Landed Proprietor Shepton Mallett

                         Stuart Easton Markell son 7 Broadleaze near Devizes

                         Alfred Odle Markell son 5 Broadleaze

                         Mary Louisa Florence 3 Broadleaze

                         Mary Mother Widow 78 Fund Holder Shepton Mallett

MOORE           Mary Visitor 37 Annuitant Middlesex London 

WEARFORD    Arabella Montague Visitor 48 Annuitant Bath

HUSHER          Catherine House Keeper 34 Dorset St Giles

COX                 William Butler 32 Chard

MORTON        James Servant 35 Crewkerne

GRIFFIN          Alice Servant 31 Monkton

 ALLEY            Ruth Servant 22 Trowbridge

WHITE             Sarah Servant 19 Bradford Wiltshire 

WHITTAKER  Anne Servant 34 Manchester


COX                 Robert 58 Coachman Hadden Huntingdonshire

                          Elizabeth 53 Wife Leicester

CLARK            Ann Sister Widow 61  Servant Leicester

BISHOP           Jane Servant 29 Wiltshire Kinston St Michaels


Worcester Terrace


HARE/HASE     Charles Bowles 41 Oil & Colour Manufacturer Bristol

                          Henrietta 32 Middlesex London 

                          Charles 9  Scholar Clifton

                          Henry Grace 8  Scholar Clifton

                          Henrietta 6  Scholar Clifton

                          Francis 3 Clifton

                          Spencer 1 Clifton

                          George 2m Clifton

OVENS             Simeon Servant 19 Trowbridge

ASHMAN         Sarah Servant 24 Farrington Gurney 

COX                 Sarah 26 Bedminster  

PARKER          Mary Ann 24 Lympsham

TOGHILL         Ann 19 Mangotsfield

HUNTLEY       Eliza 18 Bristol


Pembroke Place


TADDY            Charles 34 Attorney Bedford North hill

                         Margaret 34 West Indies

                         Catherine 7 Clifton

                         Isabella 5 Clifton

STEPHENS     Eliza Servant 26 Parlour Maid Somerset Compton

COX                Catherine Servant 18 Middlesex 

PRICHARD     Anna  Servant 24 Cook Pontypool

EVANS Mary  Servant 25 Kitchen Maid Newchurch


South Parade


COOPER         Elizabeth Paul Widow/er 65 House Proprietor Bristol

COX                Maria  Servant 46 Shepton Somerset 

WATSON       Martha  Servant 32 Cook Frome