BRISTOL ST. AUGUSTINE 1851 Census Copyright H.O. 107/1951


Places: - Under The Bank, St Augustine Place, Huntingdon's Court, Pipe Lane, Amelia Court, Pipe Place, Trenchard Street, Trenchard Place. Steep Street Steps, Frogmore Street, Fearless Court, Crabs Well Court, Jonesí Court, Maddox Court, Northumberland Court, Unity Street, Orchard Street, Park Street, Canons Marsh, The Butts, Anchor Lane, Trinity Street, College Lane, Lower College Green, Cloisters, Upper End of College Place, Frog Lane, Leopard Lane, Hope Place, Stony Hill, Frogmore Cliff, Uppers Wells Street, Tolemans Buildings, Upper Culver Street, Lower Culver Street, Wells Street, Pump Court, Dennis Place, Red Lodge Place, Park Row, Lodge Street, St. Augustine's Back, St Augustine's Hall, Camplins Court, Denmark Street, Hanover Street, Gaunts Lane, Mark Lane, College Green, Back of Park Street, Hanmers Buildings, Frog Lane, Warrens Court, Boars Head Yard, St Georges Buildings, Lower side of Cottage Place, Brandon Steep, Devils Alley, Brandon Place, Queens Parade, York Buildings, Court Behind, Williams Buildings, Pump Court in  Lime Kiln Lane, Morgans Court in Lime Kiln Lane, Partition Street, College Crescent, Thatched House Lane, Knights Cottages, Bennetts Buildings, Lime Kiln Dock, Jacobs Wells, Lower Berkeley Place, Police Station, City School, Park Street, Great George Street, Charlotte Street, Berkeley Square, Berkeley Crescent, Byron Place, Upper Bryon Place, Upper Berkeley Place, Lamb Street, Knights Terrace, Lamb Court, Sangars Court, Trinity Row, Stephens Court, Park Square, Beddington Lane, Lime Kiln Lane, Waterloo Court, Williams Court, Prospect Place, College Street, Brandon Street, Lower College Street, York Place.



Population: - Males 4372 - Females 5520 - Total 9892


Colston's Hospital {Orphanage?}

COCK William 9 Bristol


St. Augustine's Place


COX             John 54 Painter Glastonbury

                      Ann 38 Wales

                      Ann 6 Bristol

                      James 1 Bristol

                      Mary 1m Bristol

HARDING    Sarah  Servant 17 Hereford

BONSHER?  Susanna Married   27 Nurse Somerset 


Unity Street


BOARD         Charlotte Married 49 London

                       Maria 19 Bristol

                       Edward 17 Scholar Bristol

                       Henry 15 Scholar Bristol 

COX              Mary Servant Widow 29 Plymouth


Leopard Lane


COX              Alfred 30 Accountant Bristol

                      Jane 26 Bristol


Red Maids School

Red Maids School, which was in the late 18th century in Denmark street, was founded by Alderman Whitson, who by will dated 27.3.1627 bequeathed certain properties to the Mayor and Commonalty of Bristol to provide for forty female children, daughters of freemen dead or decayed in estate. The scholars, in accordance with the founders will were dressed in red with white aprons and tippets, and plain straw bonnets trimmed with blue ribbon. They attended divine service on Sundays at the Lord Mayors Chapel. In 1906 the Headmistress was Miss E. C. Brown with a staff of four resident mistresses and an assistant matron. A sum of £50 was set aside yearly for the award of marriage portions to girls who left the school, and gifts for outfits and other purposes to girls of merit on leaving.

{From Arrowsmith's Dictionary of Bristol second edition dated 1906}



COX Matilda 10 Bristol


College Green


MINIFIE     Charles 35 Hosier Bath

                    Matilda 25 Bristol

                    Sarah 2 Bristol

COX           Henry Assistant 20 Bath

DENNING  Mary Annuitant 25 Trowbridge

MANNETT Grace 24 Assistant Cornwall Manacca

COOPER    Jane 20 Assistant Bristol

BOWMAN John 18 Assistant Hereford Bro ...... ?

ANDREWS Richard 18 Tellisford Somerset 

WOOLCOTT Henry 15 Bristol

CROCKMAN Ann  Servant 32 Luccombe Somerset  

COCKMAN   Harriet  Servant 30 Luccombe



COX               Catherine Widow 42 Servant Nurse Derby - To Benjamin Blew Draper & Milliner



Back of Park Street

COX               Edward 80 Labourer Arlington Somerset 

                       Sarah 59 Wife Congresbury

EVANS          James Lodger 23 Carpenter Llandovey

COPPLESTONE/COBBLESTONE Walter  Lodger 24 Labourer Shobrook


Brandon Steep


COX              Henry 43 Labourer ...... ?

                      Susanna 34 Washford

                      Sarah 11 Bristol St. Phillips

                      Maria 9 Bristol St. Phillips

                      Charles 3  Scholar Bristol St. Phillips

                      William 1 Bristol St. Georges


College Crescent


COX             Joseph 45 Labourer?

                     Jane 29?

                     Sarah 7 Sunday School Student Bristol

                     Joseph 5 Sunday School Student Bridgwater

                     John 3 Bristol

                     William 2 Bristol

                     Mary 2m Bristol


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

COX             John 12 Bristol


Park Street


GODFREY  James 36 Physician England Not Known

                    Elizabeth Jane 33 Guernsey 

                    Emma 9 Bristol St Augustine

COX           Henry 18 Medical  Scholar Wells

RAVENHILL Caroline  Servant 24 Bristol

CROKER       Charlotte  Servant 25 Winford


Bryon Lodge


JONES         Sarah Widow 64 Milliner Bristol

                     Sarah 34 Bristol

                     Mary 30 Bristol

                     Elizabeth 25 Milliner Clifton Bristol 

                     Edward 24 Clerk to merchant Clifton Bristol 

                     Catherine 19 Milliner Clifton Bristol 

                     Emily Visitor 2 Clifton Bristol 

COX            Jane Servant 17 Nailsea



HOPKINS   Thomas 64 Stableman Glam:

                     Jane 68 Tenby

JONES         Harry Nurse Child 4 Bristol Poor House

POOL           Sarah  Servant 16 Ireland

SWIFT         Maria Married   Lodger 46 Needlewoman Bristol

BAXALL     William 30 Stableman Bath

COX             ...... ? 24 Stableman Bristol




COX            Susan 50 Nurse Arlingham

                    Charles 24 Mason Gloucestershire Bullo/Butto ?

                    Ann 12  Scholar Bristol

                    Thomas 9  Scholar Bristol