BRISTOL St. Mary Redcliffe 1851 Census Gloucestershire P.R.O. Reference HO 107/1947


Places: -

All that Part of the Parish of Saint Mary Redcliffe, In the City and County Of Bristol, commencing at the house lately occupied by William Nicholls, Redcliffe Hill end at the house of George Francomb, Part of the Parish of St Mary Redcliffe Commencing at the House of Helena Jenkins 3 Queen Place and ending at the house of Jacob Druiff, Lower Colstons Parade, and including the Southside of 3 Queen Lane, The Eastside of Redcliffe Street from the house of Chapman to the house of John Pearce at the Bugle Inn, Wheatsheaf Court, Gillams Court, the entire Phippen Street, The  Whole of Pile Street including Elbury Court, Lamb Court, Perrotts Court, Taylors Court, The House of Jacob Druiff, Lower Colston Parade aforesaid, Commencing at the house of Charles Hardwick, corner of 3 Queen Lane on the West side of Thomas Street and Ending at the House of Edward Silcox - Farrier,  Portwall Lane and including the Court, The East side of Thomas Street to the Late Gevers Iron Foundry and including Waterloo Place, Hamilton Court, Canninge Street, Tubal Place and the entire of Portwall Lane, St Mary Redcliffe, Bath Parade, Trafalgar Place, Hillsbridge Place, Plough or Dobles Court, Chatterton Row, Rowley Place, Chatterton Square, Adelaide, Chatterton Place,  From the House of Francis Bissick, Bath Parade, ending at the House of Mark  Withers,  Prewett Street, Southside of Temple Gate to the House of M. Allen corner of Portwall Lane, Redcliffe Mead Lane, Brickyard with Balls Court, Poplar Square, Russell Street, Prewett Street North and South and Prewett Place, Northside of Somerset Place to Bedminster Bridge, Eastside of Redcliffe Hill including Somerset Place, Cathay with Arch Place, Cathay Parade, Colston Parade, Eastside of Redcliffe Hill & George Alley, Tennis Court North and South sides, Redcliffe Square, Redcliffe Buildings, West Side of Shop Lane with Herrick's Yard, Goodmans Place, South Place Back & Front, Houses Facing the New River, Arlington Place and York Place, Westside of Redcliffe Hill, Georges Street, Bedminster Parade, ? Nilsons Gardens, Station house and New Inn, The house facing the New River to the George and Dragon , Jennings Court and Bayliss Court, Guinea Street North and South Sides, Barrosa Place, Salem Place, Fishers Court, French Yard, Lower Guinea Street, Alfred Place, Jubilee Place, Nelson Place, Clift Place, Messrs Kings Yard and Redcliffe Parade.


Population: - Males 2898 - Females 3406 - Total 5304


Jones Lane


COX                 William 70 Labourer Cornwall

                         Elizabeth 67 Liverpool

HUDSON         Hannah Widow 55 Laundress Bedminster

                         Emma 26 Seamstress Bedminster 

                         Mary Ann 23 Seamstress Bedminster 

                         William 18 Brass Founder Bristol 

                         John 15 Pawn Broker Assistant Bristol 


3, Phippen Street

PETTERS         William Buckingham 63 Tailor 3 men Instow

                         Sarah 43 Chippenham

                         Amelia 1nn Daughter in Law 14 Bedminster 

COX                George Frederick Son in Law 7 Bedminster 

FEDDEN         George Visitor 24 Tailor Bristol St Augustine


Thomas Street

COX                Charles 54 Carpenter Sherborne Dorset

                        Dianna 49 Dressmaker Corton Denham Somerset 


COX               Mary 25 Dressmaker Middlesex London 

                       Elizabeth 18 Milliner Sherborne Dorset


Bath Parade


COOPER       William 54 Brewer & Maltster Bishoptown Sussex

                       Frances 54 Sherborne Dorset

                      Charles 20 Sherborne Dorset

                      Ellen 18 Bristol 

                      William 28 Visitor Sefford Sussex

GRIFFIN       Mary Servant 30 Bristol 

COX              Anna Servant 30 Nempnett Somerset


PULSFORD Elizabeth Widow 54 Confectioner Kentishead Devon

BURGESS    Edwin Son in Law Married 31 Porter Bristol 

                     Elizabeth 31 Wife's Daughter 31 Bristol 

                     Louisa 1 Clifton

COX            Hannah Lodger 50  Servant North Petherton


Russell Street


COX            Alfred 30 Engineer Bristol 

                    Elizabeth 39 Bristol 

                    Elizabeth 9  Scholar Bristol 

                    Mary Ann 7 Bristol 

                    Catherine Jane 1 Bristol 

JEFFERIES Ann Widow 65 Wiltshire 



Hope & Anchor Inn, Redcliffe Hill

BUTTERS   Barnabas 50 Innkeeper Devon

                    Sarah 46 Bristol 

                    Sarah 23 Bristol 

COX           Eliza  Servant 28 Bristol 

DUDLEY    Sophia  Servant 27 Bath

COX           John Visitor 24 Painter Aylburton Gloucestershire

HITCHINGS Frederick Lodger 38 Fly Driver London

WALE        John  Servant 22 Hostler Bedminster


HUSSEY    John 33 Cordwainer Curry Rivel Somerset

                   Mary 26 Laundress Bristol 

                   Ann 6 Bristol 

                   Robert 4 Bristol 

                   William 2 Bristol 

PESTER     James Visitor 24 Shoemaker Tiverton

GOULD     John Visitor 24 Shoemaker Exeter

STEVENS Alexander Visitor 18 Cordwainer Bridgewater

COX         William Visitor 20 Cordwainer Bath