BRISTOL St. Peter 1851 Census Copyright H.O. 107/1948


Places: - Both Sides of Peter Street, Bridge Street, Both Sides of Maryleport Street, Dolphin Street, Bush Stable, Part of Wine Street, Union Street, Narrow Wine Street, Church Lane, Castle Mill Street, Part of Merchant Street, Moggridge Court, The Broad Weir, Balls Court, Gabriel's Court, R ...... ? Court, Part of Philadelphia Street, Hatters Court, Penn Street, Island Court, Baths on the Weir.


Population: - Males 565 - Females 635 - Total 1200 - St Peters Hospital recorded 263 persons, presumably patients and staff?


Peter Street


COX         Charlotte 40 Frigates Office Married East Brent

                  Emma 7 Bristol


Union Street


WAYTE     Henry 51 Accountant Calne

COX          Ann Servant 34 or 54? Wotton under Edge