BRISTOL St. Stephen1851 Census Copyright HO 107/1948


Parts of the St Nicholas Parish have been included but has been almost impossible to identify which is which!


Places: - The East & West side of Clare Street, Little Tower Court, Braziers Court, Thunderbolt Street, Marsh Street, Maiden Tavern Lane, Frederick Lane, St Stephen Street, Assembly Room Lane, Alderskey Lane, Current Lane, Part of King Street, Merchants Alms House.



Population: - Males 949 - Females 1242 - Total 2191




CHAPMAN     Abraham 46 Stationer Topsham Devon

                        Eliza 43 Monmouthshire

                        Matilda  8  Scholar Bristol

                        Louisa 1? Bristol

                        Edwin Father Widower 74 Topsham Devon

POTTS            William Wife's Father 70 Paper Maker Buckinghamshire

                        Hannah Wife 68 Salisbury Wiltshire

COX                Jane  Servant 19 Bishport Somerset


Princess Street


COX                Harry Married 31 Accountant Stinton

                        Frances 30 Durham