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Cox Extracts from the UK Census 1851

This comes to you with the kind permission of the National Archives - please also note that the census pages are undergoing an updating and correction procedure, which may mean that some will possibly not display or display correctly. My thanks for your anticipated patience!

Now Includes some extracts from the 1891 census

Please visit the National Archives for your Genealogical research sources.

Most extracts were taken from the transcriptions of Mr Gordon W Beavington except where otherwise stated.

I have also included some counties that are not complete, due to only requiring specific information at the time of my research

but reference has been made to the original PRO film when it has been necessary.

Spelling accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to difficulties with some entries.

When entering ages, enumerators for the 1851 census were instructed as follows: -

"Write the age of every person under the age of 16 years as it is stated to you."

"For persons aged 15 upwards, enter the term of the lowest of 5 years within which the age is."

"Thus: For persons aged 15 years and under 20 write 15; aged 20 and under 25 write 20 and so on."

"If the age cannot be ascertained then write "under 20 or above 20" as the case may be."

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Bedfordshire 1851

Berkshire 1851

Bristol 1851

Devon 1851

Dorset 1851

Gloucestershire 1851

Hampshire 1851

Herefordshire 1851

Hertfordshire 1891

Norfolk 1851

Somerset 1851

Warwickshire 1851

Wiltshire 1851

Worcestershire 1851

Unattached records

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