BISLEY 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1964U


Places: - The Parish of Bisley and town of Bisley, Nashend, Cricketty Mill, Oldbrook, Sowmeads Farm, Hazelhouse Farm, Bedfield Farm on the Cheltenham Road,

Steanbridge Tything, Highood, Scrubs. Sydenhams, Driftcombe, Flimers, Elcombe, Catswood, Hanstead, Steanbridge, Bisley Tything, Syancombe, Cossgrove, Derritts Farm, Calfwaym, Througham Field, Througham, Sutgrove, Througham Slade, Greys, Browns Horn, Battlescomb, Rookwoods, Water Lane, Starve Hall, French Skippetts, Tunley Hillhouse, Duneway, The Frith, Lower Oakridge, The Nelson, Pest House, Taut Trillies, James Smiths at the Canal House, Twissells Mill and Farm, Marlhill, Rackhill, Randalls Green, including all the houses up to the Common from the Top of Randalls Green to Mr Jasper Gardiners ‘The Butcher” -Oakridge Lynch, Wear, Lilyhorn, Bounce Pool, Bourn’s Green, Butcher’s Hill Barn, Avenis Lane, Bidcombs, Hill Farm, Avenis Green, Pintings Farm and Cottage, France Lynch, and all the houses on the left side of the road from Robert Gardiners to Obediah Smarts Shop, turning round the Corner by Mr Hortons and Haking? -  All the houses left and right to Boultings including Demmels Dale, Chalford Bottom commencing from Mr H Jones taking both sides of the street to the Queen’s Head Inn, including all below the Stile at the top of Dark Lane, Mills Wood, Skates Hill, Mutton Hill, Chalford Hill commencing at Jasper Gardiner’s taking Beurcombe, the Old Neighbourhood, William Brownings Cottage and Seiveralls.

Hawkley, Kitly, Bismore, Toadsmoor to W. Iles, Blacknest & Brownshill, Upper & Lower Bussage, John Davis of Eastcombe, also J Witts by the side of the wood, Village of Eastcombe including Sheephouse farm and the Cottage at Mr. Reeves, Hill Barn. 


Population: - Males 2300 - Females 2493 - Total 4793




COX                    Charles 27 Waterman Bisley

                            Mary Ann 26 Bisley

                            Elizabeth 1 Bisley


COX                    Shadrack 28 Stone Mason Bisley

                            Sarah R 26 Cloth Linter Bisley

                            Mathias Champion 3 Scholar Bisley

                            Joel Obediah 1?


COX                    Phebe Widow 67 pauper Hand Loom Weaver Bisley

TOWNSEND      Jane Lodger 7 Scholar Bisley


FAWKES            Jacob 35 Stone Mason Bisley

                            Mary 32 Dressmaker Bisley

                            Martha 11 Silk Worker  Bisley

                            Mary 11 Silk Worker  Bisley

                            Escourt Male 9 Silk Worker  Bisley

                            Naomi 6 Scholar Bisley

                            Silvanus Son 3 Scholar Bisley

                            Rhoda 1m Bisley

COX                    Richard Visitor 64 Stone Mason Bisley

DAVIS                Naomi 6 Scholar Bisley


JACQUES           Sarah Widow 78 Stroud

COX                    Mary Relative 71 Pauper Warper Stroud




COX                    Laban 38 Ag Lab Bisley

                            Ira 7 Scholar Bisley

                            Benjamin 5 Scholar Bisley

                            Reuben 2 Bisley

TWISSELL         Joseph Nephew 19 Ag Lab Bisley


COX                   Thomas 58 Stone Mason Bisley

                            Dinah 68 Bisley


COX                    James 50 Hand Loom Weaver Bisley

                            Ann 49 Spinner Bisley

                            Alfred 15 Errand Boy Bisley

                            John 14 Bisley

                            Jesse 10 Bisley

                            Sarah 4 Scholar Bisley


COX                    Ann Widow 67 Bisley


COX                    Elizabeth 76 Retired Inn Keeper Bisley


COX                    Samuel 40 Stone Mason Bisley

                            Martha 41 Hand Loom Weaver Bisley

                            George 17 Stone Mason Bisley

                            Sarah 10 Silk Worker Bisley

                            Levi 8 Button Mill Bisley

                            Elizabeth 5 Scholar Bisley


HOOK                Mary Widow 65 Baker & Grocer Stroud

                            George 30 baker Eastcombe

                            Mary 27 Milliner & Dressmaker Eastcombe

COX                    Sarah Daughter Married 42 Milliner & Dressmaker Stroud

                            Escort Grandson 13 Scholar Bisley

                            Albert H 3 Eastcombe


COX                    Escourt 70 Stone Mason Eastcombe

                            Elizabeth 69 Eastcombe


COX                    Charlotte Married 60 Home Chalford

                            Frederick 18 Button Mill Chalford

                            Ann 14 Silk Worker Eastcombe

                            Charles 11 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Escourt 9 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Eliza 8 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Emma 6 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Martha 4 Eastcombe

                            Charlotte 2 Eastcombe


COX                    Charles 46 Stone Mason Eastcombe

                            Olive 43 Housewife Eastcombe

                            Harriet 21 Silk Worker Eastcombe

                            Samuel 16 Stone Mason Eastcombe

                            Sarah 15 Silk Worker Eastcombe

                            Selina 11 Silk Worker Eastcombe

                            Elisha 9 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Naomi 6 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Ruth 4 Scholar Eastcombe

                            Orpah 1 Home Eastcombe


COX                    Samuel Widower 76 Stone Mason Eastcombe

                            Elijah Brother 75 Stone Mason Bussage