CAM 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1958


Places: -  All that Part of the Parish of Cam Bounded by Stinchcombe Hill and the Cock, by the Turnpike Road to the Yew Tree Stinchcombe Field, then by the Road including the Houses both sides to and at the Quarry, Crossing Rassenfield to Midway in Cam Pitch on to Underwoods Corner, along the Westside of Cam Street to Bowbridge then by the brook to Dursley Boundary, including the Sandpits, Norman Hill, Tilesdown and Quagmire, the Brook at Bowbridge to Purnells Corner, Cam Green, Ashmeade, all that part of the Parish Bounded by the Brook from Bowbridge to Lower Mills, Frapes Cottages, comprising Akerhill, Cam Greens & Downs, Farfield to the foot of Uley Bury.


Population: - Males 632 - Females 625 - Total 1257



COX                    Benjamin 46 Hand Loom Cam

                            Ann 42 Cam

                            Mary A 14 Quill Winder Cam

                            Benjamin 9 Scholar Cam

                            Lois 6 Scholar Cam

                            James 8m Cam


COX                    Simeon 42 Weaver Cam

                            Hannah 41 Quill Winder Cam

                            Kezia 14 Scholar Cam

                            Richard 10 Scholar Cam

                            Semmiona 6 Scholar Cam


COX                    Elizabeth Widow 64 Pauper Cam

                            George 34 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Mary 23 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Marmaduke Grandson 2 Dursley


Spouthouse Lane


FREEM               Isaac Widow 74 Pauper - Mailer Cam

MALPASS          Daniel Son in Law 30 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Asenath 25 Picker Cam

                            Susannah Grand daughter 6m Cam

COX                    Emma Grand 12 Pauper Scholar Cam

                            Enoch Grandson 11 Pauper Scholar Cam

                            Frederick Grandson Pauper 11 Scholar Cam


COX                    Guy Widower 51 Tiler & Plasterer Cam

                            Leonard 20 Tiler & Plasterer Cam

                            Hannah 17 Cam

                            George 14 Cam


MALPASS          Jesse 52 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Lois 51 Cam

                            Eusch 22 Agricultural Labourer Male Cam

                            David 14 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            George 11 Scholar Cam

COX                    Sarah Widow 56 Pauper Cam

                            Ellen Step Daughter 13 Burler Cam

                            Caroline Step Daughter 17 Agricultural Labourer Cam


COX                    Guy 30 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Mary Ann 25 Cam

                            William 5 Cam

                            Walter 3 Cam

                            John 1 m Cam


COX                   William 56 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Christian 55 Cam


COX                    Joshua 30 Agricultural Labourer Cam

                            Henrietta 26 Wotton under Edge

                            Albert 6 Dursley

                            Harriet Cam


COX                    Samuel 77 pauper Cam

                            Sarah 76 Cam


COX                    Mary 68 Charwoman Slimbridge


Woodens Green Farm


HATHWAY         John Widower 68 Farmer of 132 acres employing 1 Labourer Thornbury

                            Ann 25 Farmer's Daughter employed at home Cam

                            Caroline 23 Daughter employed at home Cam

                            John 22 son employed at home Cam

                            Ellen 20 Daughter employed at home Cam

PARKER            Ann House Servant 18 Berkeley

HILL                   Elijah Servant 22 Farm Labourer Cam

COX                   John Servant 16 Farm Labourer Cam