CIRENCESTER Chesterton Tything  1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1968


Places: - All that part of the Parish of Cirencester called Chesterton Tything including Watermoor, the South sides of Lewis Nad Duerns Lane, Watermoor Hall, Chesterton, The Cranhams, The Gas House, Giles Quarry and Davis House near the Canal.


Population: - Males 344 - Females 377 - Total 721



LAURENCE                    Charles 28 Solicitor Preston

                                         Louisa K 26 Hants Tip......? Porter

COOK                             Hannah House Servant 32 Sherstone

COX                                Elizabeth 28 House Servant Black Bourton

PHIPPS                            Louisa 27 House Servant Avening

LORD                              John 20 Coachman Cambridge


GILES                             George 50 Road Contractor Lechlade

                                        Mary 54 Cirencester

COX                               Henry Grandson 8 Cirencester

BOULTON                     Hannah 14 House Servant Somerford Keynes