KING STANLEY  1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1965


Places: - The parish of King Stanley, Dudbridge up the Turnpike Road to Picked Elm including Stove House, Goddards in the Meadows, The Blue Row, Stanleys End, Silsley Hill Folly, The  Lodge, The Picked Elm to the Middle Yard and thence to the top of Pen Hill Lane not including Clutterbucks Houses at Middle Yard but Clay Furnells and Red Hill Farm, The Lotts, Coomb Meeting House Lane, Sandhole, Middle Yard leading from Pinhill Lane and Clutterbucks Houses to Shoot Lane thence up Luggs to Scotland, Peck Street, Clutterbucks Farm, Old Brick Yard, Huntley, Terrets Brook, Stanley Mill through the Borough up Woodside Lane to Sandsford Knowl, Brick Row, Field Cottages, Barracks, Vick Court, Bubble Lane, Back Lane, Blackbirds and Sandfords Knowl.


Population: - Males 997 - Females 1098 - Total 2095



COX                    James Junior 50 Baker King Stanley

                            Catherine 53 King Stanley

                            James senior Father Widower 85 Retired Spinner Rodborough


COX                    James 63 Cloth Worker Weaver Cam

                            Elizabeth 64 Weaver Cam

                            Rachel 23 Cloth Worker Weaver Cam

LUSTY                Ann Daughter Married 21 Cloth Worker Cam

COX                    Daniel 20 Cloth Worker Cam

LUSTY                Elizabeth Grand Daughter 3 King Stanley

                            Hannah Grand Daughter 11m King Stanley


COX                    Timothy 26 Cloth Worker Weaver Cam

                            Jane 30 Somerset


COX                    Thomas 32 Cloth Worker Cam

                            Sarah 31 Cloth Worker Tetbury

                            Mary Ann 11 Cloth Worker Leonard Stanley

                            Hannah 8 Scholar King Stanley

                            Sarah Ann 4 King Stanley

                            Thomas 7m King Stanley


COX                    Edward 27 Hand Loom Weaver Cam

                            Agness 27 Dressmaker Devon Honiton?

                            George 2 King Stanley

HERBERT           Emma Servant 14 King Stanley