PAGANHILL (Stroud Parish) 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1965


Places: - Includes all or part of  Ruscombe, Randwick, Pagan Hill District, Whiteshill including Withers Cottage, Stratford House, Salmons Toll gate House, Windsor Place, Callowell, Stokenhill, Kitesnest, Bennetts Wood, Whiteshill ending at Mr, Thomas Hodges’s Houses, Ruscombe, Bread Street, Lower Bread Street, Townsend, Ockerhill, Humphries End, Pagans Hill Toll gate , Pagan Hill North West, Mayo’s at Puckshole, Farm Hill, The Palins, Whiteshill including Mr. George Hodges Houses.


Population: - Males 713 - Females 764 - Total 1477



COX                    Joseph 57 baker & Shopkeeper East Hamstead

                            Ann 65 Paganhill

                            Joseph 24 Baker etc Paganhill

                            Sarah 26 Trade Not Known - Not Known


SPRAT                James Widower 60 Cloth Worker Uley

                            Ambrose 24 Cloth Worker Hampton

COX                   John 24 Baker Paganhill

                            Emma 29 Herefordshire

                            Eliza 2 Rodborough

                            William 7m Stroud