PRESTBURY 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1972


Places: - That Part of The Parish of Prestbury, commencing at Bouncers Turnpike, taking all houses on the East of Bouncers Lane, from there taking all houses northward of the Church including Burbage, Shaw Green and Mill Lane, and then Commencing at the Bridge taking Tatchley Lane continuing to the Cleeve Road, including the Hunting Butts, Mark Hill, The Hide and Prestbury Park, and then Commencing at Bouncers Turnpike taking both sides of the High Street including Novestow, Hewletts, Dry Pool, The Hill Farms and Knowle Hill, The Upper Mill, Parish Cottages, Winchcombe Lane and Mill Lane to the North Side of the Church.


Population: - Males 622 - Females 1314 - Total 1936



COX               William 40 Milkman Charlton Kings

                        Jane 38 Prestbury

                        Hannah 16 Charlton Kings

                        Richard 14 Lab Charlton Kings 

                        George 10 Prestbury

                        Mary Ann 8 Scholar Prestbury

                        Thomas 6 Prestbury

                        William 2 Prestbury

                        Charlotte 8m Prestbury 



WATHEN        John B 30 Curate of Prestbury Woodchester

                        Margaret Mother 70 Manchester

                        Agness Sister 32 Woodchester

GILLARD        Edith 8 Niece Cheltenham

WILLIAMS     Jane Servant 16 In Doors Servant Sheepscombe

COX                Elizabeth Servant 42 Gloucester Unknown


STRATFORD  Richard Servant 21 Agricultural Labourer Prestbury

COX                Hannah Servant age unknown Norton ...... ?

PARKER         Richard 39 Bailiff Guiting Power

                        Mary 40 Cheltenham

                        George 9 Scholar Leckhampton

WILLIAMS     Edward Servant 20 Agricultural Labourer Dowdeswell