RODBOROUGH 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1965


Places: - All that Part of the Parish of Rodborough which lies to the Left of the Road leading to Little Britain to the Golden Cross and to the left of the road thence to the Butter Row Turnpike. Thence to the Brook at the Bottom of Ham Mill Lane including Kings Mill, Dudbridge, Rodborough Lane, Froome Hall, Church Place, Lodgemore Walbridge, Part of the Butts, Butter Row and Bagpath and Bowbridge. An then that which lies to the Right of the Turnpike Road at Lightpill Gate leading by the Golden Cross up Rodborough Lane through the Butter Row Pike to Ham Mill Lane and thence to the Mile Stone Cross, the Common Down, Bowl Hill to Lightpill Gate including part of the Butts, Butter Row and Bagpath, Dark Lane, Cockpitts, Fort, Mount Vernon, Tabernacle Row, Rubble Hole, Stringers and Stanfields. Then lying on the West of the Road leading from Hampton Common to the Bear Inn and to the South from the Bear Inn to the Fleece Turnpike including Little Britain, Hill House, Bear Inn and Houndscroft. Then Right of the Fleece, Turnpike Gate to Lightpills Gate, Thence up Kites Nest Lane and Bowl Hill to the Mile Stone on the Common, thence leading down to the Fleece Turnpike Gate including Rooksmore Aches, Kite Nest, Bowl Hill, Little London, Webbs on the Common, Rookgrove and Kings Court. Then lying east of the Road from Hampton Common to the Bear Inn and on the South of the Rod from the Bear Inn to Ham Mill Lane, Brook including Bagpath Corner, Swells Hoo, Stocking Bridge, Grace Hill, Rhode & Bownham Houses.


Population: - Males 1062 - Females 1146 - Total 2208




HILL            Samuel 73 Cordwainer Uley

                    Sarah 67 Uley

COX           Charlotte 36 Dressmaker Widow Daughter Uley

                    Emma 7 Grand Daughter Scholar Sutton Benger

LAWRENCE William Lodger 38 Independent Rodborough


BUSH         William 77 Pauper - Hawker of Eggs & Apples Bradford

                    Deborah 66 Wool Spinner Minchinhampton

COX           Ann Grand daughter 27 Cloth Worker Woodchester

                    Daniel Great Grand Son 6 Scholar Minchinhampton


COX           Meshack 24 Mason Eastcombe

                    Hannah 27 Rodborough

                    Mary Jane 1 Rodborough


COX            Thomas 74 pauper - Agricultural Labourer Bisley

                    Elizabeth 73 Bisley