SPOONBED TYTHING 1851 CENSUS (Painswick Parish) Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1964


Places: - All that Part of the Parish of Painswick which lies in the Tything of Spoonbed, Commencing at Loveday’s Holcomb, all on the right-hand to the top of Holcombe, Spoonbed House, The Folly, The Left Hand of Gloucester Road, Gloucester Street, left hand down to the Vicarage, Bakers, Cox’s Mills, Tocknells, Locks, Olivers, Lincolns, Castle Godwyn, Paradise, Clattergrove and the Park. All that Part of the Parish of Painswick that lies in the Tything of Spoonbed commencing at Tilltup’s End to the right hand of Bisley Street, The Right Hand of St. Mary’s Street and the right hand of Vicarage Lane.


Population: - Males 217 - Females 208 - Total 425



Southrop House

SMITH                Charles 43 Farmer of 1300 acres employing 62 Labourers Bridlington Yorkshire

                            Matilda 35 France Nantes

                            Cathrinka 8 Swansea

                            Gerald 5 Twin Southrop

                            Nirma 5 Twin Southrop

                            Charles 3 Southrop

                            Matilda 2 Southrop

                            Thorwald 1 Southrop

PETTAT              Thomas 42 Captain in the Army on half pay Visitor Southrop

ANDERSEN        Even 40 Butler Norway Orkdeal

DUNTZ               Marie 35 Ladies Maid Switzerland Thun

WEBB                 Jane 32 Cook Box Somerset

SHEPPARD        Jane 30 Nurse Penrice

REEVES              Elizabeth 23 House Maid Withington Gloucestershire

BOWLES            Eliza 19 Nurse Coln St Aldwin Gloucestershire

                            Mary 16 Nurse Coln St Aldwin

COX                    Sarah 12 Nurse Southrop

WEBB                 Caroline 1 Daughter of Cook Cirencester


COX                    Robert 40 Agricultural Labourer Eastleach

                            Elizabeth 50 Agricultural Labourer Southrop

                            John 20 Agricultural Labourer Southrop

                            Robert 17 Agricultural Labourer Southrop

                            William 11 Scholar Southrop


COX                    William Widower 75 Agricultural Labourer Fyfield


COX                    Stephen 38 Agricultural Labourer Eastleach

                            Ann 36 Cerney

                            Daniel 10 Farm Boy Southrop

                            Richard 8 Scholar Southrop

                            Mary A 6 Scholar Southrop

                            George 4 Southrop

                            Charles 1 Southrop


COX                    John 34 Agricultural Labourer Southrop

                            Mary A 34 Bampton

                            Elizabeth 12 Scholar Southrop

                            William 9 Farm Boy Southrop

                            Mary A 6 Scholar Southrop

                            Thomas 4 Scholar Southrop


MILES                George 35 Agricultural Labourer Southrop

                            Esther 27 Lechlade

                            Mary A 7 Southrop

                            William 6 Southrop

                            Edwin 3 Southrop

                            Olive 1 Southrop

COX                    Richard Lodger 29 Agricultural Labourer Southrop