SPOONBED TYTHING 1851 CENSUS (Painswick Parish) Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1964


Places: - All that Part of the Parish of Painswick which lies in the Tything of Spoonbed, Commencing at Loveday’s Holcomb, all on the right-hand to the top of Holcombe, Spoonbed House, The Folly, The Left Hand of Gloucester Road, Gloucester Street, left hand down to the Vicarage, Bakers, Cox’s Mills, Tocknells, Locks, Oliver's, Lincolns, Castle Godwyn, Paradise, Clattergrove and the Park. All that Part of the Parish of Painswick that lies in the Tything of Spoonbed commencing at Tilltup’s End to the right hand of Bisley Street, The Right Hand of St. Mary’s Street and the right hand of Vicarage Lane.


Population: - Males 348 - Females 366 - Total 714



COX                Charles Thomas 64 Lieut Army Half Pay Painswick

                        William Brother 70 Army Major's Widow Painswick

                        Frederica Niece 23 East Indies B.S. 

PARSONS      Mary Sister Widow 73 Painswick

GODDARD     Elizabeth Servant 26 Painswick

COMPTON    Ann Servant 21 Cirencester

GILL                Charles Servant 56 Painswick