STONEHOUSE 1851 Gloucestershire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1964


Places: - The Parish of Stonehouse, Ebley, Cainscross, Sandpits, Westrip, Cainscross, Hammell Leaze, Dudbridge, Oil, Black Square, Carr Lane, Oldends, Bonds Mill, Mower Mills, Bridgend, Upper Mills, Noah’s Ark.


Population: - Males 1191 - Females 1398 - Total 2589



COX                    Elizabeth Widow 57 Cloth Marker Stroud

BENNETT           Eliza Lodger 22 Cloth Picker Dursley


COX                   John 56 Hand Loom Weaver Cam

                            Ann 53 Hand Loom Weaver Banbury  

WILLIAMS         Augusta 21 Hand Loom Weaver Cam  

COX                    Jonah 19 Hand Loom Weaver Stonehouse Gloucestershire 

                            Isaac 16 Hand Loom Weaver Stonehouse Gloucestershire 

                            Mary 14 Stonehouse Gloucestershire   

                            Ann 11 Stonehouse Gloucestershire  

MONK                William Son in Law 25 Miller Sheepscombe 

                            Lucy 29 Hand Loom Weaver Stonehouse Gloucestershire 

                            John 2m Stonehouse Gloucestershire  


VAISEY              Thomas 25 Lives in Stratton Gloucestershire

COX                    Ann Servant 25 Littleworth