STOW ON THE WOLD 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1970


Places: - All that Part of the Parish of Stow on the Wold comprising the Whole of the Sheep Street, including both sides leading out of the Oddington Road into the Cheltenham Road, with all that Part of Stow on the Wold lying on the Southside of the above mentioned Street an on the Northside of Sheep Street, including Duckbath Street, market Place, Church Street.


Population: - Males 754 - Females 761 - Total 1515


Sheep Street


PITMAN                 William 38 Farmer of 20 acres Gantro ......? Gloucestershire

                                Sarah 34 Donnington

                                William 11 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                Thomas 7 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                Sarah 4 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                Richard 10m Stow on the Wold

COX                        George Lodger 75 Laceman Chosely Berks


COX                        Richard 28 Labourer Stow on the Wold

                                Hannah 26 Stow on the Wold

                                Emma 9 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                George 7 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                Mary 5 Scholar Stow on the Wold

                                Jane 3 Scholar Stow on the Wold


COX                       John 60 Agricultural Labourer Berkshire Abingdon

                               Mary 62 Stow

                               John 25 Labourer Stow

                               Joseph 15 Agricultural Labourer Stow

WILLIAMS            William 2 Friendless Child Lower Swell


COX                       Elizabeth Widow 63 Fairford

                               Harriet 29 School Mistress Fairford

                               Sophia 23 School Mistress Fairford

                               Jane 20 Asst Teacher Fairford


LEE                         Lucy 16 Upper Slaughter

HAMBRIDGE        Mary A 14 Great Rissington

COOK                    Emmitt 14 Female Farmington

GRIFFIN                Caroline 13 Hyde Farm

HARTRIDGE?        Elizabeth 13 Chastleton

FOX                        Martha B 12 Moreton Marsh  

SHEPHERD            Fanny 12 Middlesex London

PEGLAR                Ann J 12 Bledington

HOUSE (Howse?)  Jane 10 Bourton-Water

MERCHANT         Jane 9 Burford

FOX                      William 8 Moreton in Marsh

MERCHANT         James 7 Lower Swell

MOON                  William 6 Moreton in Marsh

GARDNER             Mary A 12 Bourton-Water

PERRY                   Patience A 18 House Servant Cold Aston