STROUD  1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1965


Places: - All that Part of the parish of Stroud in the Tything of Upper Lyppiatt, comprising Wallbridge, Maggotts Bridge, Bath Place, Rowcroft, King Street Both Sides, Gloucester Street, Bradbrook Mill, George Street both sides, Russell Street both sides, Bath Terrace including Thanes House, St. John Street and High Street on the North Side ending at Mr Solomon Hopsons.

All that Part of the Parish of Stroud in the Tything of Upper Lippiatt, comprising Nelson Street both sides beginning at Mr Antillís House, The Cross, Tower Hill, Parliament Street, Wood Street, Old Chapel Street both sides.

All that Part of the parish of Stroud in the Tything of Upper Lyppiatt comprising Castle Street both sides, Chapel Street both sides, Smith Court, Middle Street both Sides and Whitehall.

All that Part of The Parish of Stroud in the Tything of Upper Lyppiatt comprising Lower Street both sides, Bisley Old Road both sides commencing at Stroud Hill House.

All that Part of the parish of Stroud in the Tything of Upper Lyppiatt comprising Union Street, Swan Street, Union Buildings, Western Buildings, Frome Buildings, Rose Bank, London Road both sides, Brick House, Capel's Mill, Arundells Mill, Bowbridge, Bowbridge Lane, The Field and Middle of Stroud's Hill, Northern Side of Summer Street, The Slad, The Knapp, Fennells Farm, Lodge House, Upper Lyppiatt House, Ferris Court, Berrymanís, Middle Lyppiatt House, Toadsmore, Plate's Mill House, Pike House, Kilmister Farm, Nadlins and The Horns, Bowbridge Gunhouse, Thrupp, Mrs Chambers and Samuel Phipps, Mr Stantons, Mr Woods Cottages adjoining Ferrabee's Cottages, Claypitts Lime Kilns, Middle Lyppiatt House, G ......? Water Lane, Snakeshole, Heavens Turnip, Gloucester Street, Landsdown and High Street on the South Side Lower Hill, Parliament Street, Rye Leaze Place and Church Street, The Thrupp Farm, Claypitt Road, Quarhill, Thrupp, Mile, Ham Mill, Griffins Mill and Staffors Mill, Brimscombe , the Flat, The Bourne, Churchill, Gussage Mill, Lawrence Land, Quarhouse, Machhouse and Lower Lyppiatt House, Steanbridge including Summer Street on the South side, The Slad, Batch Mills, Little Mill, New Mills, Gaineys Well, and the Leazes.


Tything of Pagan Hill, Stratford Abbey and Mill, Stratford Cottage, Gannicox Lodge, Beards Lane, Prospect Toll Gate House, Prospect Place, Downfield Farm and Cottages at Fromehall Bridge, ...... ? gats ? Words ?, Foundry, Dudbridge, Coxwolds Brook, Pathsend, Down Field House, Pagan Hill South East Side, Packhole, and Ebley.


Population: - Males 2969 - Females 3763 - Total 6732



COX                John 74 Post Master Painswick

                        Charlotte 64 Rodborough

DANIELS        Sarah Servant 19 Rodborough

                        Catherine 13 Servant Rodborough

ELLIOTT         John Clerk 45 Clerk to Post Office Stroud


COX                Sarah Downing 36 Missionaryís Wife Hampshire Vernum

                        Catherine Jane 8 Scholar East Indies B.S.

                        John Harscombe 6 Scholar East Indies B.S.

TWISSELL     Mary Servant 14 Bisley


DANGERFIELD Henry 44 Ironmonger Stroud

                            Ann 40 Wotton under Edge

                            Susannah 5 Stroud

                            Henry John 2 Stroud

NEST                  Thomas App 16 Ironmonger Gloster

COX                   Hephzibah Servant 16 Stonehouse


PEGLER             James 39 Pawnbroker 39 Wotton under Edge

                            Maria 49 Stroud

                            John 18 Leather Seller Stroud

                            Mary Ann 14 Stroud

COX                    Hephzibah Servant 17 Bisley

SPENCER           Eliza Servant 17 Coaley

Bowbridge Lane


COX                   Charls 47 Cloth Worker Stroud

                           Sarah 43 Hampton

                           Orlando 21 Cloth Worker Gloucestershire 

                           Emily 13 Scholar Gloucestershire

                           Emily 7 Scholar Gloucestershire

WEIGHT            Hannah Mother in Law 78 Gloucestershire


TAINTY             Susan Widow 61 Cloth Worker Stroud

                           William 31 Cloth Worker Stroud

ESCOX               Richard Lodger 41 Cloth Worker Chippenham

Parliament Street


COX                   Richard 35 Day lab Stroud

                            Eliza 33 Bradford

                            Charles 10 Scholar Sunday Stroud

                            Emily 7 Scholar Stroud

                            Mary 5 Scholar Stroud

                            William 3 Scholar Stroud

                            Richard 2 Stroud