BRISTOL Temple (Holy Cross) 1851 Census Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1947


Places: - Bath Street, West Side of Temple Street to Mitchell Lane, Searle's Court, Low Row Both sides, George & Dragon Court, Northside of Mitchell Lane,


Population: - Males 2504 - Females 2719 - Total 5223



Temple Street

WINTER         Henry 27 Eating House Keeper Bristol 

                        Maria 23 Eating House Keeper Frome

                        Emma 4 Scholar at Home Bristol 

                        Henry 3m Bristol 

COX               Eliza  Servant 13 Bristol 


Temple Gate - Railway Hotel


PRING             John 41 Tavern Keeper Bristol 

                        Rebecca 40 Gloucester

                        John 14 Portishead

                        Edward 13 Bristol 

                        Ellen 12 Bristol 

THOMAS       Jane Assistant 48 Barmaid Hellaton Cornwall

HARRIS          Rebecca Assistant 24 Barmaid Harrow on the Hill Middx

COX               Mary Assistant 19 Barmaid Bristol 

MILLS            Harriet  Servant 28 Chambermaid Bridport 


AXTANCE     Hannah  Servant 24 Chambermaid Shaftsbury

SHIPSTONE  Ellen  Servant 20 Kitchen Maid Bristol

PARKER        Elizabeth  Servant 17 Waiting Maid Reading Berks

COLES           Elizabeth  Servant 22 Waiting Maid Wiveliscombe Somerset

GIBSON         Susan  Servant 18 Waiting Maid Holcomb Somerset

DAVIS            William  Servant 15 Tap Boy Newport Gloucestershire

SAUNDERS   William  Servant 23 Cabinet Maker Driver Bristol 

BENNETT      Charles  Servant 20 Waiter Bristol

JAQUES         John  Servant 45 Porter Berks

LONGMORE William  Servant 24 Porter Bristol 

TRUILAND    John Lodger Not Known

{Plus Unknown 5 Male visitors from places Not Known}


Harris Yard


COX                James 52 Cork Cutter Exeter

                        Sarah 55 Nil Bristol 

                        Peter 25 Stone Mason Bath


Petticoat Lane


COX               William 50 Flax Dresser Bristol 

                        Rebekah 46 Exeter

                        Martha 8  Scholar Bristol 

                        Henry 6  Scholar Bristol 


Rose Street


COAT             James 32 Carrier Huntspill Somerset

                        Elizabeth 42 Somerset St Georges

GRIFFITH      Anne Lodger 22 Dressmaker St Georges Somerset

                       Mary Daughter in Law 15 Widow? (Looks like it?) Bristol

COX               John Lodger 19 Blacksmith Keynsham Not Known


COX               John 61 Engineer Chew Magna

                       Mary Ann 62 Carmarthen Wales

                       John 35 Engineer Redcliffe 

                       Catherine  35 Bristol St James

                       William 9  Scholar Bristol Temple

                       John 7  Scholar Bristol Temple

                       Alfred 5 Scholar Bristol Temple

                       Louisa 30m Bristol Temple

SLADE           M.A. Servant 16 Bristol Temple


Warwick Arms


COX             Joseph 44 Beer Retailer Bristol

                     Mary Ann 44 Bristol

                     George 22 Brass Founder Bristol

                     Joseph 16 Mariner Bristol

                    Hester 11 Bristol

                    Catherine 9 Bristol

SLATER      Rosa  Servant 24 Domestic Servant Ireland Belfast

AVERY       Richard Visitor 27 Boot Maker Monmouth