TETBURY  1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1967


Places: -

All that Part of the Parish of Tetbury which comprises Coomber’s Head, commencing with the New Church, Wilton Frith, Long Street including Messrs Garrish & Hudson, Bank Lane Retreat, Northland Cottage Highfield, Upton, Colly Farm ,Great Lowfield, Little Lowfield, Folly, Garston’s, Chavenage Lane, Hampton Street.

All that Part of the Parish of Tetbury which comprises the Knap, commencing with John Cypher & Hester Poole, Charlton, Bath Bridge & Pike, Blackhorse Hill, Cutwell Lane and Cutwell & Harper Street to Simpkins Shop.


All that Part of Tetbury which comprises Church Street, commencing with William Sealey Lamb- Blanford and including Mr Tylers, Market Place, including George Sealey and Davis Shoemaker, Chipping Lane including Mr. Harding, Chipping, Chipping Hill, Old Pound Oak Cottages, Hillsome, North gate, Frog Lane, G----- Hill to Thomas Lacey and John Browning.


All that Part of the parish of Tetbury which comprises Silver Street and Cirencester Street, commencing with Mr. Joseph Wood’s late residence, Strange, including Rich--, Barnes, Bull Court, Fox Hill, Grange farm, Green, Church Lane including William Locks, Elmstree, Doughton, Hare & Hounds, Hooks House, Shepherd’s Cottage, Parsonage` farm, and Long Furlough.


Population: - Males 1517 - Females 1716 - Total 3233



COX                    Isaac 41 Tetbury

                            Sarah 37 Tetbury

                            William 13 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Mary Ann 10 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Sarah 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Isaac 6 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Fanny 4 Tetbury

                            John 2 Tetbury


TYNDALL          Samuel 28 Grocer & Druggist Scotland

                            Sarah Jane 40 Deverill

                            Sarah Mussell 3 Tetbury

                            Mary Harriet 1 Tetbury

COX                    Sarah Ann Servant 14 Tetbury


COX                    Emma Widow 81 Leas

BARRETT           Alexander Lodger 44 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Maria 44 Tetbury

                            Jemima 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Thurza 4 Scholar Tetbury


COX                   Thomas 38 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Caroline 35 Tetbury

                            Emma 10 Scholar Tetbury

                            George 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            William 7 Scholar Tetbury

                            Mary 2 Tetbury


COX                   William 42 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Harriet 41 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Lucy 5 Tetbury


COX                   William 42 Labourer Tetbury

                            Harriet 41 Newnton

MOORE              Lucey Niece 5 Newnton


COX                    Robert 33 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Maria 33 Agricultural Labourer Avening

                            Fanny 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Ellen 3 Tetbury

                            Maria Jane 1 Tetbury

FEREBEE            Elizabeth Lodger 47 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury


COX                   Charles 55 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Jane 58 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Elizabeth 28 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Henry 23 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Job 20 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury


COX                    Mary Widow 60 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            George 23 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Walter 18 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Charlotte Daughter in Law 31 Pauper Cripple Tetbury [It is not clear as to who is her husband?]


COX                    Charles 30 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Sarah 33 Beverstone

                            Eli 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Beata 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Henry 5 Scholar Tetbury

                            Edwin 3 Tetbury

                            Clara 8m Tetbury


TIMBRELL         William 78 Pauper Crudwell

                            Hester 80 Pauper Tetbury

                            Robert 42 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

COX                    Luke Lodger 35 Agricultural Labourer Horsley

                            Sarah 35 Tetbury

                            Hannah 10 Scholar Tetbury

                            Charles 8 Scholar Tetbury

                            Robert 4 Scholar Tetbury

                            William 2 Tetbury

Harper Street


COX                    Ann 50 Married Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Eliza 18 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Lewin 15 Cripple Tetbury

                            James 11 Tetbury

COMPTON        Mary Visitor 19 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury


GRANT               Samuel 45 Haulier Tetbury

                            Dina 41 Shipton

                            John 19 Tailor's Apprentice Tetbury

                            Emma 17 Housemaid Tetbury

                            Samuel 12 Scholar Tetbury

                            Susan 10 Scholar Tetbury

                            Ann 7 Scholar Tetbury

                            Fanny 4 Scholar Tetbury   

                            Edward 1 Tetbury

COX                    Samuel Lodger 76 Pauper Tetbury

                            Mary 78 Pauper Cripple Tetbury

                            Hannah Lodger 38 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

Harper Street


COX                   William 43 Agricultural Labourer and Out Pensioner of Chelsea

                            Ruth 34 Agricultural Labourer


COX                    Mathew 56 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Jane 26 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Henry 12 Tetbury

                            William 6 Tetbury

                            Mary 1 Tetbury

Church Street


COX                    Ann Widow 44 Inn Keeper Tetbury

PARRY                Sarah 19 General Servant Leighterton

MILLS                 John Cousin 17 Shoemaker Tetbury

                            Not Known Male lodger aged 20, from unknown?

...... ? Hill


COX                    William 20 Agricultural Labourer Tetbury

                            Ann 18 Tetbury


COX                    James Widower 59 Upholsterer Tetbury

                            Henry 22 Upholsterer Tetbury

LEWIS                 Sarah Housekeeper 61 Malmesbury


Tetbury Union Workhouse


COX                     Luke 76  Tetbury




Elenstree House


BROOKES         William 28 Magistrate and Land Proprietor Tetbury

                            Eleanor 29 Tetbury

                            Mary 5 Tetbury

                            Alfred 3 Tetbury

                            Charles 2 Tetbury

                            Francis 9m Tetbury

LLOYD               Joseph Servant 39 Footman Worcestershire Woolverley

JEFFERIES         Elizabeth Servant 25 Cook Gloucestershire Siston

EVANS               Hannah Servant 24 Nurse Hampton Gloucestershire

COXE                 Lucy Servant 20 Under Nurse Avening

SESSIONS         Jane Servant 21 Housemaid Cirencester