WEST DEAN  1851 Census Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/2444


Places: - Newland


Population: - Males 2872 - Females 2549 - Total 5421



COX                Samuel 25 Coal Miner Wotton under Edge

                        Hannah 24 Sodbury

                        Mary Sister 26  Servant Wotton under Edge


COXX            James 74 Labourer Orr/Arr ? Gloucestershire See Note:

                       Sarah 73 Orr/Arr ? Gloucestershire


NOTE: The spelling "COXX" may come about when the researcher mistakes both letters 'X' as part of the name's spelling when in fact the extra 'X' is the sign made by the person who cannot read nor write. This could also have been an error on the part of the enumerator? The place of birth contains 3 letters only as above?