YATE 1851 CENSUS Gloucestershire Copyright HO 107/1956


Places: -

All that Part of the Parish of Yate which is situated on the Northern Side of the Road called the Back Lane leading from the Riding Turnpike to Goose Green, from thence to Iron Acton including Hall End, Yate Rocks, Yate Common, and part of Goose Green.

All That Part of the Parish of Yate which is situated on the Southern side of the Road.


Population: - Males 539 - Females 541 - Total 1080


Wick War Road


COX                    Richard Bence 50 Farmer of 72 Acres Employing 1 labourer Old Sodbury

                            Frances 38 Westerleigh

                            Emma Jane 15 Yate

                            Frances Sophia 14 Yate

                            Bence 12 Yate

                            Alfred John 10 Scholar Yate

                            Hugh 8 Scholar Yate

                            Samuel 6 Scholar Yate

                            Sarah 4 Scholar Yate

                            Richard Daniel 2 Yate

                            Georgiana 1m Yate


Goose Green


COX                    Samuel Widower 77 Farmer of 8 acres employing 2 labourers Old Sodbury

                            Jane 41 Yate

HOPKINS           Mary Visitor 8 Yate

KILMINSTER     John Servant 19 Agricultural Labourer Kemble