RYDE Isle of Wight Census 1851 Copyright HO 107 1664




73 Messenden House, Dover or Down Street

MOORE                     William  Head Mar 55 Clergyman of The Church of England without the Cure of Souls London

                                    Harriot A Wife Mar 52 London
                                    Emily H Daughter U 21 Hampshire Newchurch
                                    Anna MD Unm 20 Hampshire Newchurch
                                    William Son Unm 19 Scholar Hampshire Newchurch
                                    Fanny C Unm 17 Hampshire Newchurch

                                    Edward A Son U 15 Midshipman R M S Service Hampshire Newchurch 
                                    Albery Son Unm 10 Scholar Hampshire Newchurch
MONTGOMERY        Francis U Pupil Unm 18 Scholar Northumberland Holcot
WALKER                    Charles Pupil U 17 Scholar London
SULLIVAN                 John Pupil U 16 Scholar Hertfordshire Kings Langley
MONTGOMERY        Raymond HD Pupil U 15 Scholar Essex Epping

WRIGHT                     Henry A Pupil U 15 Scholar Surrey Guildford
OLDING                     Sarah Servant U 34 Servant Hampshire Southwick
FORWARD                Elizabeth Servant U 26 Servant Dorset Wimborne
COX                           Ann Servant U 19 Servant Dorset Swanage