BATH St. Peter & St. Paul 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1941


Places: - Orange Grove, Orange Grove Court, Boat Stall Lane, High Street, Bridge Street, Pultney Bridge, New Market Row, Cheap Street, Westgate Street, Westgate Buildings, Chandos Building, Chapel Court, St Michaels Place, Bath Street, High Street, Northumberland Place, Union Passage, Corridor, Cheap Street, Union Street, Westgate Street, Bridewell Lane, New Westgate Buildings, Borough Walls., General Hospital.


Population: - Males 796 - Females 1052 - Total 1848


Union Street


EVANS         Stephen 33 Linen & Woollen Draper Lland......? Carmarthenshire

                      Catherine 28 Wooten Wawen Warwickshire

                      Catherine 7m Islington

CHOYCE     Alice Sister in Law 17 Farm Daughter Wootton Wawen

LESBURY    Joseph 50 Assistant Beckington

ELLIOTT      James Assistant 23 Middlesex.

HARMER     John Assistant 31 Wootton Under Edge, Gloucestershire.

DYER           Zacharias Assistant 17 Shoreditch

THOMAS     George Assistant 25 Ct. Clement

COCKS        Albert 18 Assistant Guernsey

BOWN         John 17 Apprentice Marshfield

HUMPHREYS John 16 Apprentice Norton St. Philips, Somerset.

ALLEN         Mary 25 Annuitant in Trade Shepton Mallet

GOULD         Julia 21 Assistant Shepton Mallet

PROVERT     Eliza Servant 22 Camerton

COFFEE        Mary Servant 21 Ireland Youghall


Central Hospital

COX 30 News Vendor Bath Somerset.


Near the Sun Tavern


AYLIFFE      Ann Widow 59 Pork Butcher Bath St. Michaels

JOHNSON   Mary Mother Widow 83 Late a carrier no income Englishcombe Somerset

RICHARDS  Maria Visitor 52 Twerton Somerset

BALL            Amelia Servant 15 House Servant Walcot Bath

COX             Joseph Servant 20 Slaughterman Stoke Lane Somerset


White Lion Tap


CHARD       John 42 Licensed Licensed Victualler Rimpton Somerset

                    Ann 42 Wife Camerton

HILL            Emma Niece 21 Norton St. Philips, Somerset.

BURDEN     Stephen Visitor 30 Civil Engineer Rowde

COX            Hester Shoe Binder Married 38 House Servant Camerton

FEAR           Jane Servant 20 House Servant Timsbury



The Greyhound Inn High Street

COX           William Visitor 37 Farmers Son Germany