BATH WALCOT (St. Swithins & St. Saviour) 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1942


Places: - Parish of Bath Walcot, St Saviour, Weymouth Street, York Place, Kensington, Percy Place, Alexander Buildings, Grosvenor Place,

Deadmill Road, Victoria Place, Beaufort Place, Lambridge Place, Lambridge Street, Upper Lambridge, Larkhall Buildings, Cottage Place, Lambridge, Beaufort Buildings, Brookleaze Place, Larkhall Place, Daffords Buildings, Brougham Place, Dafford Place, Rose Hill, Rosehill Terrace, Catsley Place, Deadmill Lane, Edon Place, Brookleaze Buildings, Salisbury Buildings, Worcester Buildings, Lambridge Buildings, Worcester Terrace, Prospect Place, Claremont Place, Mezetone Place, Midsummer Buildings, Claremont Buildings, Upper Dover Street, Snow Hill, Highbury Buildings & Place, Highbury Terrace, Frankley Buildings, Hi Mear Grove, Lucklom Buildings, Claremont Row, Claremont Terrace, Dover Street, New Half Moon Street, Middle Dover Street, Judd Place, Upper East Hayes, Kensington Cottages, Hanover Street, Piccadilly, Hanover Square, Brunswick Street, Taylors Court, Dover Terrace, Dover Court.


Parish of Bath, Walcot, St. Swithins. Lansdown Road, Springfield House, Richmond Hill, Camden Row, Mount Beacon, Mount Beacon Road, Summer Hill, Richmond Place, Camden Cottages, Gays Place, Camden Place, Camden Terrace, Prospect Place, Elder Bank, Cleveland Place, Canton Place, Walcot Terrace, Walcot Buildings, Bedford Street, Fountain Buildings, Vineyards, Chapel Court, Hay Hill, Belmont, Belvedere, Hartley Place, Wellington Place Guinea Lane, James Place, Somerset Terrace, Upper & Lower Somerset Court.


Part of the Parish of Bath Walcot, London Street, Trinity Square, Hat & Feather Court, Scrines ? Place, St Swithins Place, Nelson Cottages, Nelson Terrace, Nelson Place, Cleveland Cottages and Terrace, Cleveland West, Oxford Boss, Parsonage House, Cornwell Buildings, Place & terrace, Chatham Row, Gibbs Court, Georges Boss, The Penitentionary, Myrtle Place, Chelsea Court & Buildings, Iron House Place, Dover Street, Half Moon Street, Coachmaker Arms, Snowhill, Mount Pleasant, Dover Place and Upper Dover Street, Thomas Street, Weymouth Square, London Road, Lyndhurst Terrace, Long Acre, Pleasant Place, Upper Pleasant Place, Weymouth Buildings, Square & Place, Victoria Terrace, Walcot Brewery, Walcot Parade, Bakers Shop, Stable Lane, James Buildings, Marks Buildings, Gays Boss, Moorefield Cottages, Moorefield, Moorefield Place, Clarence Street , Clarence Place & Cottages.


Part of Bath, Somerset Buildings, Margarets Hill, Camden Cottages, Belvedere, Hoopers Court, Hoopers Buildings, Mullings Court, Burdetts Buildings, Ainslies Buildings, Caroline Place, Ainslies Belvedere, Jones Buildings, Camden Street, London Terrace.


Population: - Males 4979 - Females 7176 - Total 12155


Guinea Lane


COX        Mary 47 Dressmaker Married Nottinghamshire Gothouse ??

                 Sarah 22 Dressmaker Weymouth, Dorset.

                 Emma 18 Dressmaker Bristol

                 William 14 French Polisher Bristol

                 Clara 9 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                 Eliza 11m Birmingham, Wks.


Somerset Buildings

COX        John 27 Watch & Clockmaker Otterton Devon

                Elizabeth 29 Pensford

                William 1 Bath, Somerset


Marks Buildings


COX        (no first name stated) 35 Labourer Wiltshire Southwick

                 Elizabeth 34 Bath, Somerset

                Mary 11 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                Henry 7 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                Peter 4 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                Sidney 3m Bath, Somerset


Walcot Place


COX        Charles 36 Cooper Chilcompton, Somerset

                Charlotte 35 Chew Magna, Somerset

                William 13 Cooper Apprentice High Littleton Somerset

                Henry 12 Scholar High Littleton Somerset

                Francis 10 Scholar Stanton Drew

                Sarah 8 Scholar Stanton Drew

                Alfred 6 Scholar Stanton Drew

                Albert 4 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                Edward 2 Scholar Bath, Somerset


Chelsea Buildings


SKINNER Hannah Married 55 Charwoman Bath, Somerset

                  Sarah 23 Servant Bath, Somerset

                  Richard 14 Bath, Somerset

                  Sarah 13m Bath, Somerset

COX         Susan 18 Servant Chalmington


Chelsea Court


COX        Thomas 45 Plasterer Bath, Somerset

                 Harriet 42 Bath, Somerset

                 Thomas 12 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                 Mary 15 Servant Bath, Somerset

                 Edward 9 Scholar Bath, Somerset

                 Jasper 5 Scholar Bath, Somerset


Chatham Row


COX        Sarah 70 Annuitant Wood Newton


Trinity Square


COX         Sarah 24 Waistcoat Maker Married Walcot, Somerset

COX         William Henry Son 3 At Home Handsworth Birmingham

FLINT      Ann Lodger 22 Ironer & Laundress Walcot, Somerset


Nelson Place


COX        Louisa Married 36 Dressmaker North Petherton, Somerset

                Lucy Louisa 15 Apprentice Dressmaker Durston


Cleveland West


COX        Martha Widow 63 Landed Proprietor Portsmouth

FOOKS   Mary Ann Servant 22 Cook Whitchurch Dorset

VILES      Eliza Servant 23 House Maid Freshford, Somerset

MUNDAY Eliza Charwoman 61 Unmarried Shopshire Not Known


Upper Camden Place


COTTLE   Elizabeth Widow 67 House Prop. Fund Holder Wiltshire Monkton

COX         Ann Sister Widow 70 Fund Holder Monkton


Richmond Hill


TERRY    William Widower 64 M.D. Unemployed Northants Wootton

DUTTON Maria Servant 28 Plain Cook Englishcombe Somerset

COX        Eliza Servant 17 House Maid Englishcombe Somerset

WYATT  Thomas Servant 21 Footman Devon Up Ottery

BUSSELL Caroline Visitor 29 No Stated Occupation Bath, Somerset

TANNER/TAVENER Anna 59 Landed Proprietor Fund Holder Ickford

                                   Anna 22 No Stated Occupation Seaton Devon

                                   Eliza 20 No Stated Occupation Seaton


Beacon Hill


FORBES    John 47 Lieut Coleford, Somerset. Army Retired East Indies Jamaica

                  Margaret 43 Jamaica

PAULL      Jane Visitor 19 (Unreadable) Scotland

BRANDEEN Margaret Servant 40 House Keeper Scotland

                      Mary Servant 17 House Maid Scotland

COX              Charles 18 Groom Wiltshire Heytesbury


Mount Beacon


COX            James 46 Butcher Stoke Lane, Somerset

                    Elizabeth 46 Holcombe

                    Robert 17 Masons Labourer Stoke Lane, Somerset

                    Martha 13 Scholar Stoke Lane, Somerset

                    Isaac 9 Scholar Stoke Lane, Somerset

                    Thomas 9 Scholar Stoke Lane, Somerset

                    Sarah 4 Bath, Somerset

                    James 2 Bath, Somerset


Dover Terrace


COX            Sarah 65 Green Grocer Melksham, Wiltshire.

                    Mary Ann 41 Bath, Somerset

                    .....? itha Daughter 25 Bath, Somerset

                    George Edward Grandson 6 Bath, Somerset


Highbury Buildings


COX           William 45 Police Sgt, South Brent

                    Sarah 39 Wife Devon Foremington

                    Alfred 14 Bath, Somerset


Claremont Row


COX           George 30 Police Constable Lyme Regis

                   Caroline 29 Dressmaker Honiton

                   Joseph 6 Scholar Bridport, Devon.

                   Harry 4m Walcot, Somerset


Beaufort Buildings


DYKE         Hannah Widow 82 Landed Proprietor Chichester Sussex

                    Mary Daughter in Law Unmarried 48 Fund Holder Woodborough

COX            Jane Servant 59 Rowde Wiltshire

HAGGARD Ann Servant 24 Swindon Wiltshire




DACRES/DAVIES Emma 32 Capt's Wife Navy London, Middx.

                               Mary Catherine 7 Scholar Batheaston

                               Sydney Lambert 6 Scholar Batheaston

                               Leonard 5 Scholar Batheaston

                               Seymour Henry Setham 3 Batheaston

                               Florence Amey 2 Bath, Somerset

                               Alice Marian 1 Bath, Somerset

COX                       Rachel Mary Servant 24 Cook Holcombe, Somerset

MAY                      Mary Matilda Servant Married 28 Nurse Wiltshire Sheinstone

BULLOCK             Elizabeth Servant 16 House Maid Amesbury Wiltshire


Grosvenor Place


PARTRIDGE         Sarah Widow 75 Annuitant Widow Bristol

                              Sarah 44 Daughter Unmarried Hillesley Gloucestershire

COX                     Catherine Married Sarah 36 Majors Wife Hillesley Gloucestershire

WALLIS               Sarah Servant Widow 44 Clutford Wiltshire

DAVIS                  Mary Servant 49 Unmarried Nunney