BLAGDON 1851 CENSUS Somerset Copyright H.O. 107/1937


Places: - Parish of Blagdon, Rickford, Wadley, Rudgend?, Easton Town, Holt, Morcombe, Depland Mendip, Ilwick, Street End, Part of Weston Town, Aldwick Court, Woodlands, Crokers, Kingdown, Regill, Strode (that part of Weston Town north of the turnpike gate).


Population: - Males 563 - Females 565 - Total 1128


Easton Town


COXLEY        William 59 Ag. Lab Blagdon Somerset

                        Betty 60 Dunster

                        John 23 Ag. Lab Blagdon Somerset

                        Jane 10 Grand Daughter Scholar Blagdon Somerset

MORMAN      Mary Grand Daughter 5 Scholar Apley

BATH              Isaac Lodger 11 Scholar Axbridge Somerset



PARSONS      George 33 Land Proprietor Clevedon Somerset

                        Emma Jane 28 Lambeth

                        Mary Ann 4 Blagdon, Somerset

                        Eliza Jane 2 Blagdon, Somerset

COX               Mary Mother Widow 70 Land Proprietor Clevedon Somerset

DERRICK       Louisa Servant 11 Blagdon Somerset