Places: - District of St John the Baptist, St John Street, Wellington Place, Railway Station, East Bower, Monmouth Street , Bath Road, Union Street. Bristol Road,

Salmon Lane, Barclay Street, The Brickyards, Dunwear, Eastern Quay ‘Dock” & Eastover, District of Trinity, Fryarn Street, Horsepool Street, Ropers Lane, District of St. Marys. Fore Street, Back Quay, Balls Lane, George Lane, Eampiett Ward, Cornhill, Church Yard, and High Street, Russell Place, Valletta Place, West Side of the Quay, Great &Little Chandos Street, Kings Square , York Buildings, Coffee House Lane, St Mary Street, Silver Street, Green Dragon Lane, South Road, Hamp Ward , Brownes & Sealys Brickyards, Back Lane, Angel Crescent, Pricketts Lane, Honeysuckle Alley, Mount Terrace & Pig Cross, Moat Lane, North Street and its Buildings, Mount, North Gate, Golds Building, West Street, Courts and Buildings, St Matthews Field, Haswell House Lane, Bathing Buildings.


Population: - Males 4885 - Females - Total 10199




GAMBLIN         Dorothy Widow36 Shoe Binder Bridgewater Somerset

                           Emma 13 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                           Elizabeth 11 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

COX                   John Lodger 71 Shoemaker Bristol

                           Sarah 66 Bristol


Back Lane


DENHAM         Charles 44 Post Boy Ilminster

                          Lydia 45 Bridgewater Somerset

                          Samuel 15 Errand Boy Bridgewater Somerset

                          Charles 9 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                         William 7 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

COX                Mary Married 20 Servants Wife Bridgewater Somerset


St Mary Street


BOWEN          John 66 Wine & Spirit Dealer Bridgewater Somerset

                        Jesse 40 Carlisle

                        John 10 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                        Jesse Jane 9 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                        Peter Nicholson Bowen son 1 Bridgewater Somerset

BENNET         Emma Governess 20 Kensington Middlesex.

THURNAM/THURMAN Margaret Visitor Unmarried 31 Carlisle Cumberland

DEAD             Jane Servant 27 Married House Servant Woolavington

TAYLOR        Mary Servant Married 38 House Servant Ilminster

COX               Emma Servant 19 House Servant Huntspill Somerset



FURSLAND  John 24 Inn Holder Bridgewater Somerset

                      Emma 24 Bristol

                      James 1 Bridgewater, Somerset

BIRD             Hannah Servant 29 House Servant North Petherton, Somerset

BENNET       Henry Lodger 13 or 23? Shoemaker North Petherton, Somerset

COX             Charles Lodger 41 Labourer Wincanton, Somerset


High Street


BURNELL    James 59 Linen Draper Othery

                     Helena 52 North Curry

                     Henry 27 Assistant Bridgewater, Somerset

MARY          Merriott Burnell 11 Scholar Yeovil

FARNHAM  Rebecca 44 Assistant in Shop South Petherton, Somerset

COX             Sarah 43 House Servant Montacute



COX            Judith Widow 76 Corn factor Spaxton Somerset

ESCOTT     William Grandson 18 Pastry Cook Apprentice Bridgewater Somerset

LANE          Thomas Lodger 30 Solicitors Managing Clerk Clutton

MARR         Sarah Ann 18 House Servant Bridgewater Somerset


Fryern Street


CHAPMAN Eliza Servant 16 Nursery Maid West Lydford

ASH             Elizabeth Servant 24 Parlour Maid Bagborough

COX            Mary Sophia Servant 22 House Maid East Coker




COX            Jane Widow 43 Plain Needlewoman Stowey

                    Eliza 12 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                    Elizabeth 11 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

SPERRWAY? Ann Tabitha A kept child 2m Bridgewater Somerset

TAYLOR    Harriet Lodger 37 Servant Bridgewater Somerset


Barclay Street


COX            Arthur 51 Branch Pilot Burnham

                    Sarah 32 Cannington Somerset

                    Sarah 4 Bridgewater Somerset

                    Richard 6 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                    Mary Jane 14 Scholar Bridgewater Somerset

                    Clifford 17 Engine Fitter Bridgewater Somerset


Bath Road


COX            Sarah Widow 44 Washer Woman Parish Relief Wotten Wawen Warwickshire

                    Jane 15 Scholar Tamworth

                    Ann 12 Scholar Tamworth

                    Isabella 7 Scholar Wedmore Somerset

                    Eliza 2 Bridgewater Somerset



COX            James 35 Day Labourer Woolavington

                    Rebecca 34 Stoke St. Gregory


St John Church


MOGG        Ann Widow 60 Gentlewoman Stogursey Somerset

                    Jane 23 Grenton

                    Sarah 20 Grenton

COX           Eliza Servant 25 Glastonbury Somerset