CASTLE CARY 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1931


[Parts of this Microfiche are very faint]


Places: - Clanville, Cockhill & Dimmer Tythings, Foxcombe Hill, Woodcock Street, Mill Lane, South Cary Lane, Blind Lane, Bailey Hill, Florida Place


Population: - Males 871 - Females  989 - Total 1860




COCK                John 60 Gardener Lydford

                           Sally 60 Wife East Pennard Somerset

                           Caroline 24 Pitcombe

                           John 23 Labourer Pitcombe

                           James 20 Labourer Pitcombe

                           Ellen 5 Caroline's Daughter Wincanton Somerset Union?

CHAMBERLAIN William Lodger 22 Agricultural Labourer North Cadbury Somerset

                              Eliza Wife 22 Frome



COCK                 Silas 22 Labourer Pitcombe

                             Mary Ann 25 Castle Cary Somerset

HARVEY             Richard Lodger 78 Pauper Castle Cary Somerset



South Cary .

The Vicarage

MEADE                 Richard John 56 Vicar of Castle Cary Oxfordshire

                              Frances 54 Wife Kent Halstead

                              Frances Patience Grand-Daughter 7 London, Middlesex

                              Thomas De Courey Meade Grand-Son 6 Middlesex St Johns Wood

PARKER               Elizabeth Servant 28 House Servant Frome

GOODALTON      Emma Servant 20 House Servant Ditcheat

JACOBS                ......?  Servant 19 House Servant Castle Cary Somerset

COCK                   Elizabeth Servant 19 House Servant Pitcombe


Bailey Hill


(Unreadable) Worris ? Eamos ?? 25 Unmarried Shop Keeper Castle Cary Somerset

COX                      Sarah Lodger 65 Annuitant Beaminster

COLLEY               William Lodger Shoemaker 20 Castle Cary Somerset