CHEDDAR 1851 CENSUS Somerset Copyright H.O. 107/1937


Places: - Church Street, Frogland, Clift Street, Redcliffe Street, Bradley Cross & Cop Lippett, Play Street, Bullimore Street, Cathary Lane, Silver Street, Tuttes Hill, Burdge Hill & The Cliffs, The Barrows behind Hayes Hythe, Lilly Pool, Warren Hill, Street End.


Population: - Males 822 - Females - 947 - Total 1769


The Cliffs


PAVEY         John 32 Miller Rodney Stoke

                      Mary 45 Cheddar Somerset

COX             James Father in Law Widower 87 Land Proprietor Cheddar Somerset

WEEKS        Sarah Servant 16 Dunkerton Somerset



COX            George 51 Proprietor of Stalactite Caves Cheddar Somerset

                     Sarah 49 Bristol

                     Lydia 16 Cheddar Somerset

                     Matilda 15 Scholar Cheddar Somerset

                     George 23 Miller Cheddar Somerset

                     Edward 12 Scholar Cheddar Somerset

                     Charles 7 Scholar Cheddar Somerset

                     James Stratfield Cox 2 Cheddar Somerset

COX            Richard Visitor Widower 62 House Proprietor Cheddar Somerset

COOPER     Maria Servant 21 Cheddar Somerset