DITCHEAT 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1933


Includes parts of Wraxall.


Places: - Tything of Lottisham, Wraxall Tything, Village of Wraxall, Alhampton Village, Arthur's Bridge Houses The North Side of the River, Ditcheat Hill Houses, Mrs. Martins on the Fosse road, Highbridge (Not the market town on the River Brue!) and the Village of Ditcheat.


Population: - Males  - 586 Females 611 - Total 1197


Alhampton Lane


COX              Ambrose 45 Ag. Lab. Evercreech Somerset

                      Jane 65 Evercreech Somerset



VINCENT     William 57 Farmer 220 Acres Ditcheat Somerset

                      Mary 56 Castle Cary

MORRIS       Ann Servant 18 Domestic Duties Holton

COX             Ann Servant 20 Domestic Duties Evercreech Somerset

DAY             George 16 Ag. Lab. Ditcheat Somerset