FROME (Christ Church) 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1932


Places: -

Butts Hill, Keyford Cottages, Keyford Terrace, Keyford Street, Penny Buildings, Locks Lane, New Buildings, Culverill, Keyford Street, Asylum, Water Lane, Lower Keyford, Thorns Rank, The Butts, Hemans Row, Nunney Lane, Badcox, Behind Town, Bath Street, Golden Knoll, The Butts.


Population: - Males 1018 - Females 1223 - Total 2241


Enumerator: - James Cox



Locks Lane

COCK         John Treble 64 Seedsman St Columbo Cornwall

                    Hannah 57 Pilton Somerset



SHIPMAN  James 64 Agricultural Labourer Whatley Somerset

                    Mary 58 Mells

REYNOLD John Boarder 40 Agricultural Labourer Frome Somerset

OBURN     Richard Boarder 48 Agricultural Labourer Frome Somerset

COX          George Boarder 60 Agricultural Labourer Frome Somerset



COX          James 62 Retired Draper Linen Horsington

                  Lucy 62 Annuitant Basingstoke

WHITE     Mary Servant 28 Corsley Wiltshire


Lower Keyford

CASE         Charles 67 Tanner Shaftesbury Dorset

                   Jane 54 At Home Weare

COX           Frances 21 At Home Frome Somerset



Keyford Street

COX John 62 Retired Grocer Temple Coombe

Sarah 52 Kilmersdon Somerset

BRICE Augusta 14 Servant Hound St. ......? Somerset