FROME (Holy Trinity) 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1932


Places: - Vallis Way, Union Street, Wiltshire Buildings, Broadway, Nunney Lane, Naishes Street, Grape Lane, Orchard Street, Horton Street, Robin Lane, Button Street, Vallis Road, Long Row, Brandy Lane, Blunt Street, York Street, Fords Lane, Moons Yard, Cross Street-Part and Nail Street, Waterloo Place, Conegar, Mills Street, Bell Lanes, Broad Street, Cross Street - Part, Nail Street, Par of Mountain Lane, Welshmill Lane, Peters Row, Dyehouse Close Lane, Dufee ......? Street, The Square, The Mint, Peter Street, Rosemary Lane, Kettle Alley, Trooper Street, Pump Lane, Goulds Ground.


Population: - Males 1805 - Females 1992 - Total 3799


Kettle Alley


COX             John 62 Greenwich Pensioner Frome Somerset

                     Hannah 541 Wool Picker Frome Somerset

SLADE         Mary Lodger Widow 73 Pauper Leeds


Trooper Street


COX             James 28 Ag. Lab Rodden Somerset

                     Ann 25 Burler Frome Somerset

                     Samuel 5 Scholar Frome Somerset

                     Francis 3 Scholar Frome Somerset

                     Emily 1m Frome Somerset

EDINGTON Elizabeth Aunt 50 Wool Picker Frome Somerset

                     Emma Sister in Law 20 Burler Frome Somerset


Long Row


COX            Sarah Widow 70 Pauper Frome Somerset




BUTLER     John 62 Weaver - Pauper Frome Somerset

                    Barbara 60 Pauper Horninghams

COX           Charlotte Grand Daughter 3 Frome Somerset

                   Thomas Grandson 14m Frome Somerset

MILLARD  Emma Visitor 12 Frome Somerset