HUNTSPILL 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1925


Places: - East of the Public Highway from Mark to Woolavington Plus North of the River Brue, East and North of Withy Rhine and West of the Public Highway from Mark to Woolavington, East of the Turnpike Road, West of the Turnpike Road from Bristol to Bath, Bason Bridge.


Population: - Males 794 - Females 809 - Total 1603


Alston Canal


MADDOCK     William 63 Gardener Huntspill Somerset

                          Sarah 59 Puriton Somerset

HAINES            Charlotte Visitor Married 53 Drovers Wife Puriton Somerset

MORGAN         Richard Lodger 30 Labourer Not Known

COCK               John Lodger 24 Carpenter Wedmore Somerset

HILL                  George Lodger 64 Butter Milverton

PUGSLEY         Fanny Visitor 17 Pawlett Somerset


The Turnpike


HAM               Thomas Widower 73 Cooper South Brent

Charlotte Daughter in Law 39 Woolavington Somerset

MOGG            Robert Lodger 23 Cooper Woolavington Somerset

COX               Maria Visitor 4 Carpenter Daughter Weston Super Mare

JESSOPP        Margaret Lodger 71 Pensioned Servant Uphill


Withy Road


COX               John 54 Agricultural Labourer Lympsham

Mary 54 Huntspill Somerset

Jane 13 Huntspill Somerset

Mary Ann 10 Huntspill Somerset

William 9 Huntspill Somerset

John 23 Agricultural Labourer Huntspill Somerset

Jane Daughter in Law 30 Huntspill Somerset

John 6m Huntspill Somerset


New Road


COX               Henry Widower 67 Carpenter Joiner Lympsham

Ellen Daughter in Law 27 House Keeper South Brent

                        Henry William Grandson 2 Weston Super Mare

Jecimas? Son 21 Carpenter & Joiner Weston Super Mare


COX               Benjamin 52 Farmer 50 Acres South Brent Somerset

Ann 51 East Brent Somerset

Sophia 18 Berrow Somerset

Mary Ann 16 South Brent Somerset

William 15 Huntspill Somerset

DARKE          Sarah Visitor 16 Honiton Devon


Bason Bridge


RICHARDSON         George Jnr. 22 Farmer 30 Acres Huntspill Somerset

                                Maria 20 South Brent

WALL                     Phoebe Servant 24 House Servant

COX                       Thomas Servant 24 Agricultural Labourer South Brent