NAILSEA 1851 CENSUS Somerset Copyright H.O. 107/1946


Places: - Church Lane, The Grove, Old Engine Lane, Bartletts, The Field, Youngwood, Nailsea, Bucklands Batch, Smokey Hole, Back Lane, Goss Lane, Little Nailsea, The Boss, The Tan Yard, Watery Lane, Tinings Lane, Wall End, Nailsea, Court and the Fords, Black Road, Jacklands, Chapel Alley, The Drove.


Population: - Males 1288 - Females 1255 - Total 2543



New Church Road

COX             Thomas 40 Taylor Watchet

                      Elizabeth 33 Minehead

                      Edward Thomas 10 Scholar Bristol

                      Wallis 5 son Nailsea, Somerset

WHITE          John Lodger 42 Tailor Foy Cornwall


VIMPANY    John 76 Ag. Labourer

                      Elizabeth 84 Yatton Somerset

COX              Lucy Lodger 46 Washerwoman Nailsea Somerset

VIMPANY    John Lodger 19 Ag. Lab Nailsea Somerset

                      Edmund Lodger 18 Ag. Lab Nailsea Somerset



In the Heath

HORTON     William 40 Shoemaker Marshfield Gloucestershire

                      Mary Ann 41 Wife Salisbury Wiltshire

                      Emily 10 Scholar Nailsea Somerset

                      Ellen 9 Scholar Nailsea Somerset

                      Elizabeth 7 Scholar Nailsea Somerset

COX             William Lodger married 40 Ag. Lab Isle of Wight


Coal Yard


NEWTON   Robert 25 Builder Wraxall Somerset

                    Elizabeth 32 Builders Wife Yatton Somerset

                    Frederick 9 Nailsea Somerset

                    Walter 8 Nailsea Somerset

                    Alice 6 Nailsea Somerset

                    Kate 3 Nailsea Somerset

COX           Clara Visitor 16 Wrington Somerset

TAYLOR    Mary Visitor 30 Bristol

PARKMAN Betsy Servant 28 Tiverton

WINDMILL Sarah Servant 21 Nailsea Somerset


Silver Street


COX            William 72 Coal Miner Nailsea, Somerset

                     Sarah 75 Bristol

                     Mary 37 Nailsea, Somerset


Tan Yard

COX            Stephen 35 Master Tanner 26 men Yatton Somerset

                    Martha 33 Lady Wraxall Somerset

                    Lama Daughter 12 Scholar at Home Nailsea Somerset

                    Helen 10 Scholar at Home Nailsea Somerset

                    Felix Hugh 7 Scholar at Home Nailsea Somerset

                    Constance 5 Scholar at Home Nailsea Somerset

                    Katherine 3 Scholar at Home Nailsea Somerset

                    Stephen son 2 Nailsea Somerset

ATWELL    Sarah Servant 26 Nailsea Somerset

BURTON   Jane Servant 34 Wiveliscombe Som




DENTON  William 47 Inn Keeper Wraxall Somerset

                   Mary 38 Domestic Duties Puxton

COX           Martha Niece 16 Barmaid Backwell Som

GOODEVE John Nephew 9 Visitor Abingdon Oxfordshire

CANNOND Sarah Servant 16 Domestic Duties Nailsea Somerset


COX             Robert 50 Butcher Puriton

                     Ann 50 Dressmaker Nailsea Somerset

                     John 17 Ag. Labourer Backwell Som

                     Mary 16 Backwell Som

                     Sarah Ann 14 Backwell Som

                     Ann 10 Backwell Som

MAGGS       Charles Lodger 25 Rail Engine Driver Wraxall Somerset


COX            William 48 Coal Miner Nailsea, Somerset

                    Mary 48 North Weston?

                    Samuel 17 Coal Miner Nailsea Somerset

                    George 15 Coal Miner Nailsea Somerset

                    William 13 Coal Miner Nailsea Somerset

                    Bathaniel 22 Coal Miner Nailsea Somerset

                    Charles 6 Scholar Nailsea Somerset

                    Frederick 3 Nailsea Somerset

BARNETT  Charles Lodger 28 Excavator Chilton?

                    Robert Lodger 23 Excavator Clifton