NORTH PETHERTON 1851 CENSUS Somerset Copyright H.O. 107/1924


[The enumerator often uses the person's initials and not their full first name]


Places: -  Back Lane, Pound Street, Butts, North Street, New Inn, Plott Close, Balls, Willstocks, Higgings Cross, Road Near Goathurst, Woolmersdon, Pratts, Boomer, Kings Cliff Quarry, Milcombe Mills, Kennell, Hulkshay, Water Lane & North Petherton Mills, Tapper Lanes, High Street, Old Poor House, Quarry Road, Farrington Road, Farrington, Kings Dobins, Haddeb Crocombe, Floods, Standards, Ball Combe, Clavershay, Kingscliff, Fore Street, Hammett Street, Churchyard Taunton Old Road, Whitestocks, Loyal Treet, Moon Lane, Shearston & Daws, Mill street, Dyhouse, Baymead, Dyers Green, Sellicks Lane, Stafflands, Berries, Buncombe Brook, Spanish Hill, Longs, Churchill, Riden, West Newton, Adsburrow, Little Ridon, Primmoor, Hedging, Tuckerton, Staslands, Maunsel Locks, North Newton, North Moor, Chadmead & Bankland, Fore Street, Mill Street, Cans Lane, Milestone, Heathfield, Arthery, Compass, Daws, Hunterworthgate, Huntworth, Old Bason, Marsh Lane, Huntyworth, Dobins, Great Coppes, Park House, Fodgate, Standards Locks, Standards, Godfreys Corner, Forty Acres & Parkersfield, Moorland, North Moor Green, West Yeo & Horlock, North Moor Green Church, Huntworth Old Bason.


Population: - Males 1856 - Females 1960 - Total 3816



COCK             Richard 42 Maltster Morchard

                        E. 43 Wife North Petherton Somerset

                        M. Daughter 11 Scholar North Petherton Somerset

Lyngs Farm


PARSONS     Charles Widower 82 Farmer 23 Acres North Petherton Somerset

                       M. Daughter 45 North Petherton Somerset

                       H. Grandson 20 Agricultural Labourer Durston

                       F. Grandson 8 Scholar Corfe

COCKS         E. Grand Daughter 11 North Petherton Somerset



Rectory House

SNOWDEN      John Widower 72 Magistrate Reading Berkshire

                          J. 26 Gloucester

                          F. 23 Student at Law Somerset Taunton Somerset

                          A.E. Daughter 17 Taunton Somerset

WESTCOMBE  S. Servant 40 Servant Male Bristol

HOLE                A. Servant Miss 27 Luckham

BREWER          S.A. Servant 29 Miss North Curry

COCKS            E. Servant Miss 35 Honiton



COOK/COCK    William 28 Farmer 150 Acres North Petherton Somerset

                            E. 30 Wife Minehead

                            J. Son 3 North Petherton Somerset

                            T. ?? Mother 64 Retired Farm Wemworthy Devon

POLLETT            James Servant 18 North Petherton Somerset


COCK                 John 46 Farmer 250 Acres Devon West Morchard

                            A. Wife 36 Huntspill Somerset

                            S.J. Daughter 2 North Petherton Somerset

                            A. Son 1 North Petherton Somerset

                            C. Brother 44 Farm Partner West Monkton Somerset

RICHARDS         Mary Servant 14 Nurse Maid North Petherton Somerset

GRAY/GREY      E. Servant Widow/er? 55 Cook Wiltshire Upton Lovell




BULPIN             John 30 Farmer 60 Acres Weston Zoyland Somerset

                           Mary Ann 22 Bradford Dorset

COX                  Mary Miller? Visitor 19 Stoke St. Gregory Somerset [Not clear whether MILLER is her name or her occupation?]

MORRIS           Mary Servant Widow 57 Western Zoyland Somerset


COX                 William 93 Pauper Knowle

                          Jane 73 Pauper Wedmore Som

Fore Street


COLSHURST  William Beadon 61 Land Proprietor North Petherton Somerset

                         S. Mother 93 Annuitant Nether Stowey Somerset

                         E. Sister 55 Land Proprietor North Petherton Somerset

                         F.H. Brother 49 Land Proprietor North Petherton Somerset

COX                E. Miss 26 General Servant Long Sutton


Pound Street


COX                Martha 29 Milliner Lympsham

                        M. 16 Milliner Sister Lympsham



BRICE             John 52 Farmer 200 Acres North Petherton Somerset

COX               Grace 30 House Servant Somerset Burtle

NAPPER        Ann 15 House Servant North Petherton Somerset

TAYLOR       John 17 Farm Servant North Petherton Somerset