PAULTON 1851 CENSUS Somerset Copyright H.O. 107/1939


Places: - East side of the Road, Plummer's Hill, Paulton Engine, Withy Mills, Radford, Britain's, Littlebrook & Bloodfield, West side of the road, Pithay, Bath, Winterfield, New Town, Hallatrow Lane.


Population: - Males 1073 - Females 1031 - Total 1104




COX             Mary Widow 53 Pauper Paulton Somerset

DANDO       Jacob 28 Coal Miner Paulton Somerset

                     Mary Ann 25 Paulton Somerset

                     Isabella 2 Paulton Somerset



WINTER      Eleanor Widow 59 Camerton Somerset

                     Thomas 27 Agricultural Labourer Paulton Somerset

                     William Son 18 Agricultural Labourer Paulton Somerset

COX            William 23 Coal Miner Midsomer Norton Somerset

                     Eleanor Daughter married 21 Paulton Somerset

                     Mary Margaret Grand Daughter 1 Paulton Somerset