PILTON 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1933


Places: - Wying Lake, Pilton Park, Holt, Stean Bow, Lower Westholm, Red Lake, The Moors, Burford, West Compton, Lamberts Hill, Whitestone Turnpike, Whitestone Hill, Pilton Village,  Park Hill, Upper Westholm, The Lays & Stoodley, Darshill, Millhams & Bowlish, Cannards Grave Road, Cannards Grave, Beard Hill.


Population: - Males  564 - Females 595 - Total 1159


Mill Ham


CHILD         John 42 Miller Gloucestershire Thornbury

                    Maria 35 Long Sutton

                    Solomon 8 Scholar Pilton Somerset

                    Sydney 6 Scholar Pilton Somerset

                    Hester 4 At Home Somerset

                    Mary 4m At Home Pilton Somerset

                    Elizabeth Widow 64 Long Sutton

COX            George Servant 19 Miller Ilchester


West Compton

TURNER     Henry 39 Farmer 60 Acres Pilton Somerset

                    Sarah 41 Pilton Somerset

                    Sarah 4 Pilton Somerset

                    Alice 3 Pilton Somerset

                    Ellen 1 Pilton Somerset

WILLIAMS Jane Servant 12 West Pennard

COX            George Servant 14 Agricultural Labourer Pilton Somerset




COCK          William 42 Farmer North Wootton Somerset


COX             John 50 Agricultural Labourer Pilton Somerset

                     Jemima 22 Pilton Somerset

                     Sarah 19 Agricultural Labourer Pilton Somerset

                     John 14 Agricultural Labourer Pilton Somerset

                     Ellen 8 Scholar Pilton Somerset

                     Elizabeth 4 Scholar Pilton Somerset

JACOBS      Ellen Visitor Unmarried 21 No Stated Occupation Pilton Somerset


SOMERS     Betty Widow 67 Pauper Wincanton Somerset

COX            Samuel Lodger 21 Agricultural Labourer Somerton Somerset

PARKER     Benjamin Lodger Apprentice 18 Blacksmith



Upper West Holme

PATTERSON     Robert 38 Farmer 170 Acres Bristol

                           Fanny 46 Farnham

BOLDHAM        Harriet Wife's Sister Unmarried 44 Farnham

COX                   Betty Servant Married 58 Pilton Somerset

JONES                Benjamin Servant 21 Agricultural Labourer Pilton Somerset