SALTFORD 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1944


Places: - The Parish of Saltford, Bakers Lane, Saltford Public Street, Lane to Avon Farm, Mead Lane to Jolly Sailor Beer House, Brass Mill Lane and Batchhill, Farms on Bath Road Joining Corston, Saltford Hill To Burnett Lane Cottage.


Population: - Males 212 - Females 205 - Total 417



WHITEHEAD          Rev’d Edward 37 Local Rector Ilchester

                                Charlotte 32 Bath Som.

                                William 11 Scholar East Indies British Subject

                                George 9 Scholar East Indies British Subject

                                Mary Ann Mother married 61 Somerton

STREET                  Mary Servant Widow 57 Cook Downing Gloucestershire

ALFORD                Sarah Servant Unmarried 25 Lady’s Maid Bath Som.

COX                       Mary Ann Servant 33 Housemaid Northam Sussex

PLYER?                 Augustine Servant 25 Coachman Groom Oakhill