Places: -  Outside of the Borough, Holway, Haydon, Shoreditch, South Street, Queen Street, Victoria Street, Victoria Terrace, Princes Street, Trinity Street, Trinity Place & Trinity Terrace, East Reach, Courts from South Street To the Toll House, Silver Street, Shoreditch Road, George Lane, Mount Terrace, Mount Street & Paul Street, Upper High Street, Hammetts Walk, The Crescent, Nutton, Westgate Street, Canns Street, High Street, Bath Place, Ritedon Court, The Crescent, Upper Crescent, Oliver's Place & Victoria Place, Pig Market, Batt's Court, Woodford Buildings and other Courts, Mary Street, Upper High Street, East Street. Billet Street, Mount Lane, Fore Street, East Street, Billet Street, Cheapside, Brent Court, Magdalen Lane, Hammett Street, Church Square, Melody Buildings, Hammetts Place & Square, North Street, Fore Street, Hammet Street, Huish's Alms House, Church Square.


Population: - Males 3692 - Females 4832 - Total 8524


Davys Court


PARSONS          James 61 Renter of Tolls Pilton

                            Ann 50 Binegar Somerset

FORD                 John Father in Law Widower 87 Emborough

HAN-FORD       James Servant 14 Toll Collector Frome

COCK                John Servant 25 Toll Collector Shaftesbury Somerset?


Fore Street

111 - [Seems to be an Alms House?]

FRY                              Samuel President Widower 73 Alms Person Hand Loom Weaver Hatch

UPHAM                       John 75 Alms Person Widower Cordwainer Taunton Somerset

DUDRIDGE                 Richard Widower 76 Alms Person Hand Loom Weaver Taunton Somerset

WHITE                        Joseph Widower 67 Alms Person Ag. Lab. Taunton Somerset

POOLE                        Isaac Widower 88 Alms Person Tailor Staplegrove

COX                            Josiah Widower 75 Alms Person Carpenter Dunster

HEWLETT                  William Widower 82 Alms Person Ag. Lab. Stogumber

CLEAK                       Samuel Widower 69 Alms Person Ag. Lab. Up Ottery Devon.

MATHEWS                John Widower 72 Alms Person Farmer Elton

STOGEL/STODGEL  Thomas Unmarried 85 Alms Person Ag. Lab. Shoreditch

WILKINS                   John Widower 72 Alms Person Wool Comber Taunton Somerset


East Street


MORMAN                 Thomas 64 Ag. Lab. Pauper Minehead

                                   Ann 60 Pauper Porlock

                                   James 18 Maltster Minehead

COX                          Edwin Lodger 18 Cabinet Maker Cathelston [Catherton?]

BETTY                      Peregrine Lodger 18 Male Druggist Porter Milverton

                                  John 13 Errand Boy Milverton


PAVEY                     Mary Widow 72 House Proprietor Crowcombe

COX                         Mary Niece 24 Crowcombe


DREW                      John Widower 40 Ironmonger Ashburton

                                 William 11 Scholar London

                                 John 7 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                                 Eliza 4 Taunton Somerset

WHITE                    Eliza Sister in Law 47 Dressmaker Taunton Somerset

COX                        Edward Apprentice 17 Apprentice Ironmonger Taunton Somerset


COX                        Arthur 42 Druggist Taunton Somerset

                                Emma 39 Tedworth

                                Maria 12 Taunton Somerset

LEGG                     Jane Servant 38 House Servant Ilminster Somerset

                               Ann Servant 58 House Servant Cornwall St. M ...... ?





BAKER                   Charles 37 Draper Buckland

                                Mary Ann 27 Combe Florey

                                Mary 6 Scholar Taunton Somerset

POPE                      Ann Assistant 28 Draper Assistant Plymouth Devon

BRIDLE                  Jane Assistant 27 Draper Assistant Honiton

GIBBS                    Robert Assistant 25 Draper Assistant Bishop Lydiard Somerset

CHILD                   Addison Assistant 19 Draper Assistant York Ripon

JEFFREY               Charles Apprentice 19 Wellington

LING                      Matthew Apprentice 19 Donyatt

POOLE                  Frederick Apprentice 16 Berkshire

COX                      Mary Ann Servant 30 Cook Trull

                              Harriet 15 House Maid Trull

BLACKMORE     Jane 26 House Maid Buckland

GILLARD             William 32 Draper Porter Milverton


HENDERSON     Joseph 36 Woollen Draper Bailiff Taunton Somerset

PARKLAND/PACKLAND William Assistant 23 Draper Farringdon Berkshire

WEBBER             Elizabeth Assistant 46 House Keeper Wiveliscombe Somerset

HOWARD           John 17 Draper Shopman Exeter Devon

COX                    Mary Servant 32 House Servant Clayhidon Devon

HURFORD          Benjamin Servant 16 Drapers Porter Tiverton Devon


Phoenix Inn

BRICE                 Robert 42 Inn Keeper Taunton Somerset

                            Lucy 38 Uxbridge

                            Lucy 9 Scholar Taunton Somerset

COX                   Ann Servant 25 House Servant Taunton Somerset

WILLIAMS        Sarah 19 House Servant Stogumber Somerset

HOOK               Joseph 43 Hosier Tewkesbury Gloucestershire

                          Kate Visitor Married 20 Devonport

AVERY             Mary 53 Gents Wife Plymouth Devon

WOOLGROVE George 21 Tailor Bridgwater Somerset


High Street


CORFIELD       Charles Cox 55 Architect & Surveyor Bridgwater Somerset

                          Lavinia Clara 30 Clerkenwell

                          Clarissa Warren 12 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                          Rosina Emma 11 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                          Lavinia Anne 9 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                          Frances Emily 3 At Home Taunton Somerset

                          Charles William 1 At Home Taunton Somerset

                          Henry Alfred 4m Taunton Somerset

LOCKE             Sarah Servant 17 House Servant Bishop Lydiard Somerset

GREENSLADE Harriet Charlotte Servant 17 Nurse Maid Pitminster


COX                 John 47 Plumber Taunton Somerset

                         Hannah 43 Yarcombe Devon.

                         John 13 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                         Charles 8 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                         George 3 Scholar Taunton Somerset

BRASS            Mary Lodger Married 67 Servant Stoke St. Mary Somerset


Upper High Street


COX                Maria 27 General Servant Unmarried Trull

                        William 7 Scholar Buckland

                        Thomas 3 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                        Mary 10m Taunton Somerset


Shoreditch Road


BIRD             John 54 Solicitor Nynehead

                      Sophia 7 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                      John 5 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                      Emily 3 Taunton Somerset

COX             Anne Sister Widow 50 Ironmonger Nynehead

BIRD            Harriet Sister Unemployed 48 Nynehead

POVEY        Hannah Servant 29 House Servant Ilminster Somerset


Paul Street


COX              Sarah Widow 56 Shop Keeper Beer Crowcombe

WARMAN    Samuel Lodger 34 Blacksmith Taunton Somerset

BUTCHER    John Lodger 38 Painter Taunton Somerset

CONNOCK William 28 Cabinet Maker Preston

SMELTON   David 20 Painter Chatham

YARD           Sarah 50 Charwoman Staple


South Street


COX             Robert 44 Hardware man Bristol

                     Susan 40 Uffculm

                     Robert 15 Hardware Woman Taunton Somerset

                    John 13 Hardware Taunton Somerset

                    Ann 9 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                    Edwin 5 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                    Susan 2 Taunton Somerset


Silver Street


COX                  George 29 Carpenter Tiverton Devon.

                          Elizabeth 28 Needlewoman Tiverton Devon.


Greedy's Court


HAYMAN        Elizabeth 4 Taunton Somerset

                          Louisa 1 Taunton Somerset

                          Eliza 2m Taunton Somerset

RICH                George Lodger Widower 81 Tailor Lydiard St. Lawrence Somerset

YOUNG           John Married 41 Shoemaker London Cripplegate

                         Elizabeth 40 Bristol Mash Street

BERDEFT        George Unmarried 28 Sailor Devonport

SPENCER       Robert 38 Miner Lancaster Web ......?

COX               William 60 Married Ornament Maker Bath

                        Sarah Married 49 Bath

BENNETT      John 60 Hawker Tolland

SIMMONS     Henry 16 Butcher Bath

DAY               William Married 26 Labourer Hitchin

                       Elizabeth 23 Bath


Victoria Street


COX              Henry 55 Grocer Puriton Somerset,

                      Ann 69 Morbeth Devon

CLAPP          James Visitor 60 Former Baker Blagdon

BALE            John 22 Visitor House Servant Porlock


South Street


COX             John 43 Carpenter Taunton Somerset

                     Hannah 46 Shop Keeper Taunton Somerset

                     James 12 Silk Worker Taunton Somerset

                     William 10 Silk Worker Taunton Somerset

                     Adolphus 7 Scholar Taunton Somerset

                     Arthur 5 Taunton Somerset




BLAKE         Downing 76 Gentleman - Landed Proprietor Crewkerne Somerset

                      Mary 81 Wife West Monkton Somerset

BRUFORD    Elizabeth Visitor 19 Annuitant

COX             Mary Servant 29 House Servant Weston Zoyland Somerset