{May have been known as TRINITY WALCOT?}

Places: -  Lark Place, Kelston Turnpike, Blue Lodge, Westhall Place, Nursery Ground, Park Lane, Grafton Place, Weston Road, Victoria Park Diary, Marlborough Lane, Monmouth Place, Queen Square Mews and Lane & St Marys Establishment, Norfolk Crescent, Nelson Place, Nile Street, St Georges Place, Albion Place, Norfolk House , Lancashire Terrace, Albion Terrace, Dredges Bridge Cottage, Daggers Coal Yard, Benjamin's Coal Yard, Comfortable Place, Albion Brewery, Down House, Albion Buildings, Marlborough Place, Brook Place, Victoria Cottage, Albion Cottages, Norfolk Buildings, Stanhope Place, New King Street, Cumberland Row, St Ann's Court, Little Stanhope Street, Great Stanhope Street, James Street, Edmunds Place, Trinity Place, Vine Cottage, James Place, Norfolk Place, Charles Street, Seymour Street, Green Park Buildings and the Mews each side, Avon Street, Dills Court, Pickwick Mews, Sculls Court, Holmes Yard, Lambs Court, Corn Street, New Street, Bakers Court, Kingsmead Street, Cross Lane, Monmouth Street, Dials, Westgate Place, St Johns Place, Kingswood Square, Trinity Street, Milk Street, Griffins Court, Lockyers Court, New Quay, Kingsmead Terrace, Queens Square, Queens Parade & Field, Queens Parade Place, Charlotte Street, Chapel Row, Princes Street & the Mews, Chapel Court, Beaufort Square, Baron Street & the Mews, Miles Buildings, George Street, Gay Street, Old King Street , Barton Buildings, John Street, Quiet Street, Wood Street, Northumberland Buildings, Queen Street & Harrington Place.


Population: - Males 3263 - Females 4703 - Total 7359


Old King Street


LONGFORD                 Richard 64 Lodging House Keeper Kingcotre ...... ? Gloucestershir

                                      Elizabeth 69 Llan ..... ? then North Wales

HUGHES                       David Visitor 47 Clergyman Unemployed Northampton

BEATTY                       George Visitor 71 Major General Royal Marines Ireland

HART                            Robert Visitor 72 Major Royal Marines Boston Lincolnshire

THOMPSON                Charles Visitor 50 Gent Northumberland

CONWAY                    Benjamin Visitor 62 Clergyman Unemployed Flintshire North Wales

BURGE                         Elizabeth Servant 19 Combe Hay

LUCAS                         Elizabeth Servant 26 Trowbridge Wiltshire

COX                             Ann Servant 18 Wincanton Somerset

FOWLER                     Sarah Servant 25 Stanton Drew



Public Baths Washhouse

COX                            Henry 43 Engineer Dorset

                                    Elizabeth 35 Superintendent Somerton Somerset


Kingsmead Street


HAYWARD               Jane 65 Laundress North Petherton Somerset

HOSIER                     Sarah Lodger 41 Charwoman Hemington Somerset

COX                          George Nurse Child 5 Scholar Bath Somerset {This should be compared with the original for the age?}


COX                         Eliza 35 Laundress Bradley Somerset

                                 Elizabeth 1 Bath Somerset

TUCKER                 Jane 10 Scholar Glastonbury Somerset


Monmouth Street


MARTIN                 Robert 33 Tallow Chandler Horsington

                                James 30 North Cadbury

                                George 6 Scholar Bath Somerset

                                Sarah 5 Scholar Bath Somerset

                                Thomas 3 Scholar Bath Somerset

MARTIN                 6m Bath Somerset

COX                       Charlotte 16 House Servant Bath Somerset


COX                       Sarah 49 Laundress Devon

EVERY                   Harriet Visitor 22 Stay Maker Bath Somerset

ANDREWS            Mary Lodger 40 Stay Maker Not Known


Avon Street

124 [Looks to be flats or tenements of sorts - 1 of 9 families at this place?]

COX                     Joseph 34 Labourer Bradford Wiltshire

                             Jane 32 Bath Somerset

                             Mary 1 Bath Somerset


Green Park


TAYLOR             Richard Widower 82 M.D. Retired Bath Somerset

COX                    James 22 Footman Winchester

GREEN               Charlotte Servant 31 Cook Somerset Cannards



COX                   William 27 Surgeon Bristol

                            Mary 27 Chewton Mendip Somerset

                            William 3 Bath Somerset

                            Hippisley 1 Bath Somerset

                            Mary Daughter 4m Bath Somerset

BABY                 Eliza Servant 25 Cook Batcombe

CLARK              Harriet Servant 21 Nurse Glastonbury Somerset

                           Anna Servant 17 House Maid Glastonbury Somerset


St Marys Establishment - [Old Folks Home?]

COX                  Mary Widowed Nurse 72 Westbourne



COX                 Mary Widow 90 Pauper Former Servant Kinson