WELLS St. Andrew 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1934


Places: -  The Whole of The Liberty of St. Andrews,  Market Place, Bath Road, Garden Works, Liberty, North Liberty, Vicar Close.


Population: - Males 128 - Females 218 - Total 346


North Liberty


FOSTER             William 34 Attorney & Solicitor Compton Bishop

                            Sarah 31 Churchill

                            Robert 6 Wells

                            Clement 3 Weston Super Mare

                            Ellen 1 Wells Somerset

                            Agnes 3m Wells Somerset

FRANCIS           Hannah Servant 21 House Servant Evercreech

COX                   Harriet Servant 21 House Servant Evercreech

RUSSELL           Ellen Servant 18 House Servant Wookey Somerset

PEARSE             John Servant 14 House Servant Somerton Somerset