WESTON 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1943


Places: -  The Parish of Weston, The Village Street, Lower Bristol Road, Partis College, The Grove, Primrose Hill, Trafalgar Place, Wellington Buildings.


Population: - Males 1462 - Females 1626 - Total 3088


The Village


COX                      George Married 73 Annuitant Weston Somerset

DENNY                 William Grandson 8 Hanover Square Middlesex

STOCKLAND       Betsy Servant 19 High Littleton Somerset


ASHLEY             Hannah Widow 77 Laundress Gloucestershire Wick...... ?

NEWPORT         Nathaniel Lodger 67 Widower Carpenter Bath

ROBBINS           John Lodger 52 Agricultural Labourer Somerset Not Known

HOLLAND         James Lodger 58 Agricultural Labourer Somerset

COX                   ...... ? Lodger 23 Servant Not Known

DAVIS                Sophia Lodger Widow 80 Servant Retired Somerset Not Known

BOLWELL         Ann Lodger Widow 72 labs Widow Somerset Not Known

DENMAN          Ann Lodger 77 Charwoman Weston Somerset

COLLINS          Matilda Lodger 40 Laundress Weston Somerset

COLLINS          Michael Lodger 12 Errand Boy Devizes Wiltshire


COX                   Joseph 48 Plasterer Weston Somerset

                           George Brother 50 Road Labourer Weston Somerset


Crown Inn, Weston Road

BRETT                Ann Widow 45 Landlady Hertfordshire Stevenage

                            Sarah 19 Barmaid Kennington

                            Ann 16 Milliner Middlesex Highgate

                            Jane 13 Scholar Highgate Middlesex.

BUTLER             Eliza Visitor 18 Dressmaker Bath

HAWKINS         Sarah Servant 24 Queen Charlton

COX                   William Servant 22 Servant Weston Somerset


COX                  Susan 40 Laundress Dorset Stour

                          Ellen 13 Scholar Weston Somerset

                          Ann 5 Weston Somerset

                          John 5m Weston Somerset

A Boarding School which seems to cater for Girls and Boys but in separate sections or maybe buildings?

Each entry gives the place of the scholar's home.


COX                 Ann 16 London

COX                 Sarah 12 London

{Not stated if these two girls are related?}


Bristol Road


PARSONS        Abraham 71 Dry Salter Keynsham Somerset

                          Sarah 69 Bitton Gloucestershire

                          Charles 46 Gardener Chewton Keynsham Somerset

COX                  Sarah Widow 36 Twerton Somerset

                          Joseph Granddaughter 15 Twerton Somerset