YEOVIL 1851 CENSUS Somerset COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1930


{The transcriber comments that this census is very difficult to read, so spelling cannot be relied upon}


Places: - Mayo’s Court, Vag Hamlet, Yeovil Marsh, Coppits Hill, Noble Nap, Oxen Furlong, Pickety Witch, Goodford's Folly, Hollands, Green Quarry, Water Coombe, Kingston, Higher Kingston, Edwards Court, Gold Croft, Sparrow Lane, Hays End, Roping Path, Kiddle Lane, Reckleford, Court Ash, South Street, Bond Street, Peter Street, Union Street, Wine Street, Hawkers, Etheridges, Bowring & Georges Courts, Foans Buildings & Middle Street, Hendford Street, Chants Path, Huish, Wellington Street, Horseys Lane, Wellingtons Lane, Waterloo Buildings, Park Street, Belmont Street, Brunswick Street, Pen Hill, Hendford, Hendford Hill, Keyford, Yewtree Close, Rustywell Field & Pookmoor, South Street, London Road, Bond Street, Pashen's Court, Frog Mill, Coronation Buildings Heave, Victoria Buildings, Newton Hill, Dodham, Newton Buildings & Stars Lane, Middle Street, Deans Court, Townsend, Goar Knap, Upper Sewards, Jennings, Roles & Meads Court, Huish, Paradise, Victoria Place, Clarence Place, Park Lane, Hendford, High Street, Borough, Silver Street, Churchyard, Church Lane, North Lane.


Population: - Males 508 - Females 544 - Total 1052



COX                    Elizabeth 68 Glover Sparkford Som.

                            Elizabeth 29 Glover Yeovil Som.

MARTIN             Elizabeth Niece 21 Laundress Sherborne Dorset.


THOMAS            Benjamin 49 Licensed Victualler Devon Stockland

                            Betty 55 Beaminster Dorset

                            Francis Nephew 12 Yeovil Som.

DYKE                 Frances Servant 47 House Servant Beaminster Dorset

GOFF                  Jane Servant 26 House Servant Halstock

RAKE                  Walter Servant 17 Ostler Martock

WILLIAMS         Jane Lodger 37 Traveler Gloucester

DYKE                 Nathaniel 27 Lodger Wood Carver Bristol

COX                   Thomas Lodger Widower 59 Retired Yeoman East Coker

EMERY               Samuel Lodger 19 Recruit in Marines Rampisham


COX                    John 55 Builder East Coker

                            Frederick 25 Builder Yeovil Som.


ADAMS              George 63 Glazier Yeovil Som.

                            Elizabeth 62 Yeovil Som.

                            Elizabeth 24 Yeovil Som.

COX                   Jane Daughter Married 22 Yeovil Som.

ADAMS             George son 18 Yeovil Som.

                           Mary Granddaughter 3 Scholar Yeovil Som.


WATTS               Sarah 23 Married Husband a Land Agent Willingdon

                            Maria 8m Yeovil Som.

                            William Augustus Brother in Law 22 Land Agent Yeovil Som.

                            Mary Sister in Law 31 Yeovil Som.

SPRAGG             Edwin Finch Apprentice 18 Articled Pupil Melksham Wiltshire

MILLER              Frederick Apprentice 17 Articled Surrey Cotham

GRANGER         Jane Cox Servant 20 House Servant Great ...... ? Coker Somerset

VEAR                  Ellen Servant 18 House Servant Bristol


WALDEN            Robert 38 Dairyman Dorset Loader

                            Amelia 38 Rampisham

                            William 14 Toller Percor...... ? Dorset

                            Joseph 12 Hook Dorset

                            George 10 Hook

                            Mary Ann 7 Hook

COX                   Joseph Visitor Widower 71 Carpenter Rampisham

STRONG            David Servant 21 House Servant Toller Per ...... ?

SYMES               Ellen Servant 21 House Servant Shipton Gorge


COX                    Jesse 62 Leather Dresser Yeovil Som.

                            Maria 59 Wife Yeovil Som.

                            Dorcas 23 Glover Yeovil Som.

                            Mary 15 Dressmaker Yeovil Som.

                            Walter 8 Scholar Yeovil Som.

                            James 7 Scholar Yeovil Som.


Victoria Buildings

COX                    Isaac 73 Leather Dresser Yeovil Som.

                            Ann 68 Glover Yeovil Som.

                            Eliza 33 Glove Finisher Yeovil Som.

                            Caroline 31 Glove Finisher Yeovil Som.

                            James 26 Glove Cutter Yeovil Som.

                            Henry 10 Errand Boy Yeovil Som.


Pen Hill

HUNT                 Sarah Alice 8 Yeovil Som.

                            William 5 Scholar at Home Yeovil Som.

                            Mary 1 Yeovil Som.

DIMON              Ellen Servant 22 Domestic Duties Servant Hawkchurch

COX                   Mary Servant 30 House Servant Montacute