These extracts were taken from one of Gordon Beavington's extracts for Wollaston

which was stated as being in Gloucestershire under HO 107/2443.

Searching the original via drew a blank for COX and other names

in order to identify the source.




COX                James 22 Agricultural Labourer Wollaston

                        Mary 35 Wollaston

HARTLAND   Hannah Step Daughter 8 Wollaston

                        Abraham Stepson 5 Wollaston

COX               James (Maybe Cames?) son 8m Wollaston


COX               Thomas 40 Agricultural Labourer Thornbury

                        Lucy 38 Hewelsfield

                        Elizabeth 10 Hewelsfield

                        Caroline 9 Hewelsfield

                        Emilia 7 Wollaston

                        Mary Ann 4 Wollaston

                        Thomas 2m Wollaston


COX                William 67 Agricultural Labourer Berkeley

                        Elizabeth 66 Berkeley

HOPKIN         James Lodger 30 Agricultural Labourer Wollaston


JAMES            William 44 Butcher & Inn Keeper Wollaston

                        Amelia 47 Wollaston

                        Henry 20 Butcher Wollaston

                        Harriet 19 Wollaston

                        William 15 Wollaston

                        Priscilla 14 Apprentice Wollaston 

COX               Mathew Nephew 21  Agricultural Labourer Lydney   

JAMES            Isaac Lodger 50 Agricultural Labourer Wollaston

PROSSER       John Lodger 30 Railway Labourer Wollaston




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