BISHOPSTON 1851 CENSUS Wiltshire COPYRIGHT H.O. 107/1848


Places: -  The Whole of the Parish of Bishopston, Flamston, Netton, Pitts, Throop, Croucheston, Faulston Hare Warren.


Population: - Males 319 - Females 287 - Total 606



DIBBON                 Edwin Widower 34 Farmer 894 Acres Stoke Wake Dorset

                                George 32 Brother Stoke Wake

                                Sarah Sister in Law 35 Stoke Wake

                                George Nephew 7 Bishopston Wiltshire

                                John Herbert Nephew 5 Bishopston Wiltshire

                                Sarah Ann Niece 2 Bishopston Wiltshire

                                Charles Nephew 1 Bishopston Wiltshire

POWELL                Jane Servant 16 House Servant Broad Chalk

SCAMMELL          Maria Servant 17 House Servant broad Chalk

SHATTEN              William Servant 19 Carter Stratford

PARRETT               James Servant 19 Carter Stratford

JACOBS                 Henry Servant 19 Carter Stratford

LEAVER                 William Servant 16 Carter Bishopston Wiltshire

COX                       Charles Servant 19 Carter Stratford